I am a researcher in microbial ecology , currently searching for post doc in European countries. I have publication less than 1 impact factor. Will this hinder my chances of getting selected . Please suggest?

  • $\begingroup$ Welcome! You might get a good answer (or find a similar one answered) on academia.stackexchange.com ; Personally, I would recommend to rephrase your question slightly to invite recommendations that will help you further (rather than getting a yes/no answer), e.g.: "Only published in low impact journals - how to maximize chance to do a PostDoc position in Europe?". You could possibly also add other information (e.g.: whether other students in your current department publish similarly). $\endgroup$ – tsttst Mar 8 at 5:24
  • $\begingroup$ We can also migrate the question to academia, if you want to. $\endgroup$ – Chris Mar 8 at 7:16

I agree that this is not the best community for this question, since it is not really about biology. But to give a glimpse of an answer:

  • Having publications in high rated journals certainly increases your chances of getting a postdoc position.
  • It also depends on the general level/rate of publications in your field: in some fields having a few publications after a PhD is normal, while in the others the first publication may appear in press years after you graduate (not counting the thesis).
  • Then again, a publication in a top journal does not necessarily testify to one's abilities - e.g., if you are one among a few dozens of authors.
  • Networking and personal recommendations are often as important in getting positions as having publications.

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