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Why are there species instead of a continuum of various animals?

As I understand it, various animal traits have to evolve gradually, but what happens to the species that are "neither here nor there"? To put it differently, if a species evolved from another, it did ...
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Is there a biological mechanism for evolution encoded into our DNA?

Throughout high school, I remember learning about Darwin's theory of evolution as if it were near-fact. But something always seemed wrong about the ideas presented. Survival of the fittest Random ...
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How does Darwinian Evolution work?

Let me explain... A friend and I read some articles, part of a Biology book, and watched a video on evolution. We then tried to explain what Evolution is to each other. My friend said that Natural ...
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Definition of "Effective population size"

Could you explain to me, what is the meaning of "Effective population size ($N_e$)"? I would appreciate an example as well.
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On evolution statistics [closed]

This basic evolution theory question has been haunting me since childhood and I'm kind of embarrassed that I can't explain it yet: Consider a butterfly. It's wings have evolved to look like the eyes ...
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Evolution theory - roses spikes - being more bulgy doesn't give you advantage

I've seen spike, huge spike. And I thought that development of such spikes could be contrary to the evolution theory. Being „little more” spiky doesn’t give you any advantage... So those individuals ...
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Does evolution produce organisms perfectly adapted to their environment? [closed]

I have this biology assignment with this chosen topic. I have no idea where to start researching. I have studied the mechanisms and theories of evolution. I just don't know which relates to the topic. ...
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How does Genetic drift and selection affect fixation of an allele?

I want to know how does genetic drift, and selection coefficient (s) together affect the fixation of an allele? For example, if there is a neutral allele (s=0), will only genetic drift cause the ...
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Does evolution head to some optimum? [closed]

Currently we have many species which are "good enough" for current environment, some species emerge, another die. So let's say that they could be close to some local optima. Does the evolution head to ...
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Evolution of complex organs [duplicate]

If it evolved, how is a feature selected through a long time span with useless function before the feature becomes complete? For example, an eye is a very complex organ consisting of countless small ...
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Is existence of different alleles for a gene a result of mutation?

I would like to understand evolution. Here are a few questions Why are there different alleles for a gene? Is the different alleles of a gene are mutated versions of a gene? Why selection pressure ...
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Role of drift in evolution of sexually dimorphic traits

Is there a model for predicting how drift can affect the evolution of a sexually dimorphic (SD) trait? I've been trying wrap my mind around this paradoxical question; sexually dimorphic traits evolve ...
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Explaining natural selection in moth [closed]

Industrial melanism is an example of natural selection. Can it be considered as a evolution due to anthropogenic action?
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Evolutionary Midways [closed]

Given that the mechanism of natural selection is sensitive, how do species survive in an evolutionary midway? The ability to breath in air requires complex protein systems. An animal that is ...
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How much of the genetic differences between humans and chimpanzees are due to genetic drift?

Both natural selection and genetic drift play a part in changing our DNA over time. Are there trustworthy estimates how much of the differences over the whole genome between us and chimpanzees are due ...
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