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Is evolution a fact? [closed]

Richard Dawkins in one of his videos says that Evolution is a fact and not just a theory. He goes on to say that man and chimpanzees both evolve from apes. Is this correct (Is evolution a fact and ...
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Introductory biology text for an outsider

I'm a maths major and I have an interest in learning biology. I know very, very little; I know how babies are made and that's about it. Could anyone recommend a stimulating text to read for its own ...
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What is the definition of "Natural Selection"?

Natural selection is the differential survival and reproduction of individuals due to differences in phenotype. Natural selection, a process that results in the adaptation of an organism to its ...
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Why are the genomes of Humans 99.5% the same?

Human's DNA sequence is said to be roughly 99.5% equal. As far as I understand, this means that if I walked up to you and compared our DNA, the sequence of base pairs would be 99.5% the same. My ...
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Book recommendations for evolutionary models

I was recently working on getting a statistical model of a DNA sequence. To do this I found that understanding evolution quantitatively seems to be quite important. I would really appreciate any book ...
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Is evolution a predictive theory? [closed]

My feeling is that almost any observation can be explained by current evolutionary theory. Is there any example of someone developing a rigorous framework or mathematical model of how evolution works?
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How does sexual reproduction generate more genetic variation?

I'm curious as to why sexual reproduction generates genetic variation. For me, the term genetic variation is a little ambiguous. The way I understand it, it's the number of alleles at a locus in a ...
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Value of mathematical models in biology [closed]

Sorry if this is too much of a soft question or if it is too broad for this site. As a person who has much more experience with math than biology, I've always been really interested in the ...
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Choosing a book to gain general knowledge about biology [duplicate]

I will be first year undergraduate at Physics department next year and last year I was at the Medicine faculty. I want do double major in the second year of faculty with Molecular Biology and Genetics....
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Start studying mathematical biology from basics

I am really passionate about theoretical and quantitative biology and I would like to build my future career around this topic. I've just got my bachelor's degree in biology (ecology) but scince I've ...
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How is "selection" best defined?

There is natural selection but there is also sexual selection which some regard as a category of natural selection. There is also artificial selection (by humans). The question is, what is a most ...
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How to determine the probability that a mutation is lost / fixed?

I have a question about how to determine the probability that a mutation is lost or fixed after 1 or 2 generations in population genetics. Let's say we have a randomly mixing population, with N ...
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best book for a comprehensive introduction to biology for a computer science graduate interested in undertaking research in bioinformatics [closed]

I have a postgraduate degree in computer science, and I wish to undertake research in bioinformatics. I had chemistry but no biology in high school. I have read bioinformatics books like "biological ...
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(Reference request) Formal abstract theory of evolution? [closed]

EDIT: please feel free to suggest books that are the closest you can come up with to what I'm looking for, even if it doesn't exactly overlap! I am very well acquainted with the theory of evolution ...
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How does Genetic drift and selection affect fixation of an allele?

I want to know how does genetic drift, and selection coefficient (s) together affect the fixation of an allele? For example, if there is a neutral allele (s=0), will only genetic drift cause the ...
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