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How big advantage had a trait have to bring to evolve in the human evolution? [closed]

Yes, I've heard that we have evolved from the common ancestor with primates as intesively, as the chimpanzees. Sometimes I read about some enormously complex traits, evolutionary psychologists think ...
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Cancer and Evolution [duplicate]

Edit: just to clarify, I am asking what, if anything, the literature says can be gleaned about evolution by studying cancer, especially relating to how multicellularity evolved and the traits used to ...
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Is a wild-type strain more "fit" than its mutant strains?

Question's context In the context of a presentation on mathematical models for antibiotic-resistance bacteria research, someone mentioned that wild type strain (WT) are expected to be more fit than ...
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Interpretation of table on analysis of genetic diversity between groups

I am very confused about how to interpret Table 8.3 in Smith's Evolutionary Genetics. Is the GST in the table the same as the G,ST (with the comma), which is defined (pg. 156; Box 8.3) as "the ...
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Simple interpretation of effective population size?

I'm looking for alternate ways to explain effective populations size, in more conceptual terms. These need not be perfectly accurate "definitions" but should at least be generally accurate in non-edge ...
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Math backbone in biology/genetic

Are there any good books, that shows some advanced models in genetics particularly? The problem is i don't see any good math model in genetics interactions exept combinatorics. I'd like to know what ...
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What factors make a sequence evolve non-randomly?

On the wikipedia page about Fay and Wu's H, it talks about a non-randomly evolving sequence may be due to some selection acting or a selective sweep or population expanding/contracting. My questions ...
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Looking for book or article that derives formula for estimating the "average heterozygosity"

An online lecture I need to watch on population genetics describes a formula for the "average heterozygosity" as follows: ...we can theoretically predict that the average heterozygosity in the ...
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