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Is evolution a fact? [closed]

Richard Dawkins in one of his videos says that Evolution is a fact and not just a theory. He goes on to say that man and chimpanzees both evolve from apes. Is this correct (Is evolution a fact and ...
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Introductory biology text for an outsider

I'm a maths major and I have an interest in learning biology. I know very, very little; I know how babies are made and that's about it. Could anyone recommend a stimulating text to read for its own ...
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What is the definition of "Natural Selection"?

Natural selection is the differential survival and reproduction of individuals due to differences in phenotype. Natural selection, a process that results in the adaptation of an organism to its ...
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Why are the genomes of Humans 99.5% the same?

Human's DNA sequence is said to be roughly 99.5% equal. As far as I understand, this means that if I walked up to you and compared our DNA, the sequence of base pairs would be 99.5% the same. My ...
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Book recommendations for evolutionary models

I was recently working on getting a statistical model of a DNA sequence. To do this I found that understanding evolution quantitatively seems to be quite important. I would really appreciate any book ...
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Is evolution a predictive theory? [closed]

My feeling is that almost any observation can be explained by current evolutionary theory. Is there any example of someone developing a rigorous framework or mathematical model of how evolution works?
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How does sexual reproduction generate more genetic variation?

I'm curious as to why sexual reproduction generates genetic variation. For me, the term genetic variation is a little ambiguous. The way I understand it, it's the number of alleles at a locus in a ...
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Value of mathematical models in biology [closed]

Sorry if this is too much of a soft question or if it is too broad for this site. As a person who has much more experience with math than biology, I've always been really interested in the ...
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Choosing a book to gain general knowledge about biology [duplicate]

I will be first year undergraduate at Physics department next year and last year I was at the Medicine faculty. I want do double major in the second year of faculty with Molecular Biology and Genetics....
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Start studying mathematical biology from basics

I am really passionate about theoretical and quantitative biology and I would like to build my future career around this topic. I've just got my bachelor's degree in biology (ecology) but scince I've ...
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How is "selection" best defined?

There is natural selection but there is also sexual selection which some regard as a category of natural selection. There is also artificial selection (by humans). The question is, what is a most ...
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How to determine the probability that a mutation is lost / fixed?

I have a question about how to determine the probability that a mutation is lost or fixed after 1 or 2 generations in population genetics. Let's say we have a randomly mixing population, with N ...
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best book for a comprehensive introduction to biology for a computer science graduate interested in undertaking research in bioinformatics [closed]

I have a postgraduate degree in computer science, and I wish to undertake research in bioinformatics. I had chemistry but no biology in high school. I have read bioinformatics books like "biological ...
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(Reference request) Formal abstract theory of evolution? [closed]

EDIT: please feel free to suggest books that are the closest you can come up with to what I'm looking for, even if it doesn't exactly overlap! I am very well acquainted with the theory of evolution ...
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How does Genetic drift and selection affect fixation of an allele?

I want to know how does genetic drift, and selection coefficient (s) together affect the fixation of an allele? For example, if there is a neutral allele (s=0), will only genetic drift cause the ...
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books for beginners in research in mathematical biology [closed]

I am a M.SC(mathematics) student. I have no subject like mathematically modelling.But i'm interesting in research in mathematical biology.Initially which book i should study. Please guide me.THANKS......
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How to determine whether changes of an allele's frequency are due to genetic drift or selection?

Given that both natural/artifical selection and genetic drift are evolutionary mechanisms that influence how allele frequencies shift in a population: Are there ways to determine whether a frequency ...
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Text Book Recommendation: Organic Evolution

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of any text books on organic evolution? I have recently become interested in the subject and would like to know more. I think an undergrad ...
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Easy derivation of Kimura's approximation for the probability of fixation of a mutation

Kimura's approximation for the probability of fixation of a mutation under selection finds recurrent use in population genetics models till date. I am trying to understand the mathematical basis of ...
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Recommendations for textbooks on statistical and quantitative genetics, and genetic epidemiology

I'm looking for a textbook on statistical genetics, quantitative genetics, association mapping, and genetic epidemiology. My interests include, but are not limited to, complex trait analysis, and the ...
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Guide to learning about Population biology / ecology / dynamics for a non-Biologist

I'm an applied mathematician who works in the field of feedback control systems but has been becoming interested in looking at population biology (e.g. Lotka-Volterra, Mathusian growth,etc.) from a ...
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Core Biological concepts explained to a Computer Scientist?

I am a computer scientist delving into Bioinformatics and I need to gain insight in biological phenomena. How would you explain three core concepts as: Evolution, Selection and Variation, to a ...
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Relationship between genetic diversity within and between species

Here is a quote from Wagner (2008) A second line of evidence [against neutralism] comes from the relationship between the mean number of polymorphic differences between alleles within a species, $\...
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Linkage Disequilibrium - What does it mean when D < 0?

What does it mean when you have a situation where your D<0?
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How to give a biological interpretation to this phase portrait?

Consider the following system and analyze its behavior. $$\begin{array}{rl} \frac{dA}{dt} &= A \left( 2-\frac{A}{5000}-\frac{L}{100} \right)\\ \frac{dL}{dt} &= L \left(-\frac{1}{2}+\frac{A}{...
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Equation relating probability of fixation and number of generations

I am trying to find an equation that relates the variables of probability of fixation and generations. Or, how does number of generations affect the probability a gene will fix, if population size ...
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Book recommendation: Modern Synthetic theory

I'm a zoology minor. I wish to study modern synthetic theory (evolution) is there a good book available online for reading? The book should cover a basic idea about what the elements of modern ...
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Interesting examples of models [closed]

I am studying the general use of models in biology in terms of methodology, applications, usefulness etc, and I would really appreciate any recommendations of some specific examples of models from any ...
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Does evolution select against genetic diversity?

Only the best genotype in a species will win. So it sounds like evolution selects against genetic diversity.
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Mathematical modelling of omics data [closed]

I'm interested in modelling host-pathogen interactions using mathematics. I know there are good resources in Pubmed but seems I'm looking for a book or introductory reviews. My background in maths is ...
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How big advantage had a trait have to bring to evolve in the human evolution? [closed]

Yes, I've heard that we have evolved from the common ancestor with primates as intesively, as the chimpanzees. Sometimes I read about some enormously complex traits, evolutionary psychologists think ...
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Cancer and Evolution [duplicate]

Edit: just to clarify, I am asking what, if anything, the literature says can be gleaned about evolution by studying cancer, especially relating to how multicellularity evolved and the traits used to ...
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Is a wild-type strain more "fit" than its mutant strains?

Question's context In the context of a presentation on mathematical models for antibiotic-resistance bacteria research, someone mentioned that wild type strain (WT) are expected to be more fit than ...
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Interpretation of table on analysis of genetic diversity between groups

I am very confused about how to interpret Table 8.3 in Smith's Evolutionary Genetics. Is the GST in the table the same as the G,ST (with the comma), which is defined (pg. 156; Box 8.3) as "the ...
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Simple interpretation of effective population size?

I'm looking for alternate ways to explain effective populations size, in more conceptual terms. These need not be perfectly accurate "definitions" but should at least be generally accurate in non-edge ...
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Math backbone in biology/genetic

Are there any good books, that shows some advanced models in genetics particularly? The problem is i don't see any good math model in genetics interactions exept combinatorics. I'd like to know what ...
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What factors make a sequence evolve non-randomly?

On the wikipedia page about Fay and Wu's H, it talks about a non-randomly evolving sequence may be due to some selection acting or a selective sweep or population expanding/contracting. My questions ...
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Looking for book or article that derives formula for estimating the "average heterozygosity"

An online lecture I need to watch on population genetics describes a formula for the "average heterozygosity" as follows: ...we can theoretically predict that the average heterozygosity in the ...
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