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How to protect my mounted insect specimens from ... insects?

I have a modest collection of insect specimens that I caught, prepared, mounted, and dried myself. I'm entirely an amateur collector, so my procedure may be causing me this trouble now, but here's how ...
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Bug Identification: Is this small tubular, black bug a bed bug?

So I found this tiny bug on my wall in the bedroom of my apartment. I estimate it is about 3mm long by 1mm wide. Is it a bed bug? It does not seem to match any of the pictures I've seen online. ...
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What kind of insect can this be? This appears to be just a shell after and insect went through a metamorphosis process

What kind of insect can this be? This appears to be just a shell after an insect went through a metamorphosis process.
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Can anyone help confirm this tiny insect larvae?

Can anyone help identify this insect larvae? Found: UK, autumn, in a bed. Size: less than 2mm The bed was searched thoroughly and no others were found, but is there likely to be more of them? ...
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What is this very tiny (3mm) centipede-like insect?

My kid found this little guy in his bedroom. It’s about 2-3mm long. Lots of legs, and white rings around its abdomen. Any idea what it is? Edit: Location in San Jose, CA.
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What kind of caterpillar type bug is this?

I've made a photo using the reversed 58 mm lens and my cropped DSLR: Could you please help? I really don't know where this came from. I found it in Russia.
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What small insect is this?

Lately, lots of these little bugs have been lurking in my house in Italy. Should I worry? I'm curious to know what they are. For reference, the 2 cent Euro is 18.75 mm in diameter.
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What bug is this? I found several in my flat and I have no idea

what kind of insect is this? is it a moth larvea or a carpet bug?
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What is this very tiny insect that was in my bedsheets? [duplicate]

I found it in my bedsheets. I'm in Bordeaux, France. It is 3mm long and is the only one that I found. Should I be worried that there might be others? If so, what should I do?
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Varied Carpet Beetle Larvae

I keep finding what I'm 99% sure are carpet beetle larvae on my walls, of all places. Yet when I look around and search thoroughly, I cannot find any signs of an(y) adult Beetle(s). Why/how is this ...
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