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Identify this smooth-cocoon worm from Southern India

I couldn't identify which species these worms belong to. I believe they're insect larvae. They measure approximately 5 to 10 mm in length, and are common in the southern states of India. They carry ...
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What is this black and white worm in a white case?

The case is very small and it's an off white color. The thing living inside can come out of either end. It's a black and white looking worm. It will poke its head out and move everywhere! They are ...
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Species identification: flaky worm [duplicate]

enter image description here Recently our house got ABSOLUTELY INFESTED with the following creature. Kindly identify. Hapitat: damp shadowy regions of our house Description: The outer flake is ...
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Species Identification : Worm like insect but broad at back [duplicate]

Can anyone help me identify this insect Location: Southern India Size: About 2cm It looks like a worm but has a broad back, it seems like (not very sure) it tucks it's thin head inside the broad ...
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What is this hard shelled insect in my house?

I moved to a new city in west India last year and I've since, on several occasions, seen this insect on walls and it's usually climbing using its head. It has a greyish long shell and moves in a very ...
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What is this animal that hides in dustlike structure?

I'd like help identifying the species of animal in these two photos. There's some dust(or dust-like substance) with something alive inside of it (possibly a larva or I don't really know what to call ...
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Worm type bug inside of stick? What is it? [duplicate]

This bug was found on the wall of my closet in Seattle, Washington. It has been around 40-50°F lately, and it is winter. It looks like a tiny, brown, fuzzy stick/twig, but there is a hole through the ...
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What insect is this? (India)

Can anyone tell me what kind of insect (if it is one) is this...!! Or is it the pupa of some insect? Well I don't think that the whole big thing is the insect itself, it appears to be just a kind of ...
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What is this insect found commonly in coastal India? [duplicate]

I have lived in two cities on the western coast of India and I have seen quite a few of these insects(?) in both places. It basically has an outer cocoon of sorts, which looks a lot like dirty lint. ...
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Identification of unknown bagworm (Singapore)

This bagworm was found in Singapore (near McRitchie Reservoir) some time in June 2012. This is the plant from which the bagworms were obtained: A few examples of the bagworms: The bagworm when ...
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Small worm living in some kind of cocoon, what are these animals?

I am curious what animal is this. It is/lives inside some kind of cocoon, about 1 cm in length. They are attached to walls and to the ceiling, but sometimes they fall off. Inside the structure there ...