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Is evolution a fact? [closed]

Richard Dawkins in one of his videos says that Evolution is a fact and not just a theory. He goes on to say that man and chimpanzees both evolve from apes. Is this correct (Is evolution a fact and ...
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Were there any flying dinosaurs?

I've seen some articles which came in contradiction with each other. The first article was talking about flying dinosaurs, dinosaurs with feathers and so on. A couple of other articles are talking ...
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Why are turtles classified as reptiles and not amphibians?

I understand that turtles are reptiles because like all reptiles, they have scales on their body. But turtles (specifically sea turtles) live on both land and water, very much like amphibians. Also, ...
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The best free and most up to date phylogenetic tree on the internet?

I found phylogenetic tree in wikipedia is lacks of accuracy. It actually confusing with versions. Some terms was not scientifically accurate with dna analysis anymore So are there anyone know where ...
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Was the dodo a dinosaur?

I've always believed that the dodo was a dinosaur, I don't know exactly why. I've done some searching on the internet, but except for toy stores selling "Dodo the Dinosaur's" I didn't find anything ...
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Birds and Dinosaurs

This came up in an argument with some friends. I know that birds are direct descendants of dinosaurs, shown pretty clearly through the fossil record. However, is it proper to say that birds are ...
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If birds are dinosaurs, then are mammals reptiles?

I'm just curious - it seems generally accepted that birds are dinosaurs. If that's the case, then can we call all mammals reptiles? Can we go even further and call humans amphibians? And since single-...
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Why do the ancestors of birds still exist? [closed]

If I am not mistaken, scientists believe that birds are evolved from reptiles. Why do the ancestors of birds (that is, reptiles) still exist?
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How has the theory of evolution changed over time?

I learned at school and in the documentaries like everybody that (to summarize) molluscs evolved into fishes then reptiles then mammals then humans. Does the theory still make the same claim ? or ...
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Reptiles are a paraphyletic group because?

Here is a question I am trying to find the answer to Reptiles are a paraphyletic group because... ? A) They include worm lizards, which have no limbs B) The group doesn’t include birds C) The group ...
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Evolution of insects, spiders and jellyfish

Well we all learned at school the classic evolutionarily theory ...
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Has evolution made a mistake with prehistoric animals?

Let me start this by saying I have very limited knowledge in biology and evolution. However, when visiting museums and watching documentary movies, I always get impression dinosaurs (and other ...
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Do reptiles hunt?

I encountered the following passage in the book The Art of Interactive Design by Criss Crawford (bold formatting is mine): [...] From stalking and evasion to the chase, the [interaction between ...
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Evolution of dinosaurs

What did dinosaurs evolve from? Was it the reptiles that evolved from amphibians? I have been researching this but am very confused with who their direct predecessor was. Amphibians evolved from fish.....
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Could we back-breed birds into dinosaurs? [closed]

Do some species of birds have dinosaur DNA? Seeing as how birds evolved from dinosaurs. I presume this isn't possible as I haven't seen anything else about it on the internet but it's interesting to ...
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