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Why do ostriches have wings? [duplicate]

Wings serve most birds for flying, or (as in penguins) for swimming. But ostriches, which exclusively use only their legs for locomotion, still have wings. Why?
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Why were wisdom teeth not eliminated by evolution? [duplicate]

Supposedly evolution was very efficient and evolved many human proteins over a few thousand generations. Yet obvious detrimental traits like wisdom teeth remained. Why?
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Why do humans have 46 chromosomes? [duplicate]

Humans have approximately 25000 genes. Why are these genes on 46 chromosomes? Why not 40 or 50?
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Bacteria resistance to natural antibiotics? [duplicate]

It is a known fact that bacteria develop immunity to antibiotics. Why then did not all bacteria develop immunity to natural antibiotics like penicillin in the fungi? It is for sure that fungi did not ...
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In men, why do over 80% of sperm have abnormal form? [duplicate]

Here is the percentage of normal forms among fertile mens according to the centile (Source: Cooper et al. 2010): 2.5: 3% 5 (below this is Teratozoospermia): 4% 10: 5.5% 25: 9% 50 (median): 15% 75: ...
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Why would pedophilia exist? [duplicate]

From an evolutionary perspective, why would anyone ever be sexually exited by small children who could not possibly have started puberty? Is it a confusion between some combination of sexual and non-...
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Why doesn't evolution converge on perfection? [duplicate]

I got to know about an organism called "Tardigrade(water bear)" which is an extremely hardy organism and can survive in most conditions. My question is that if the aim of life in general is to ...
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Why don't intelligent animals like primates use plastic bags? [duplicate]

I'll be honest here. Although this is a serious question, what made me wonder about it is this comic from Wumo: This question is not specific to monkeys. It applies to animals that live with or ...
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What evolutionary advantage do separate teeth have compared to a single piece of bone? [duplicate]

Humans and many animals have multiple teeth consisting of separate pieces of bone embedded in the jaw. For humans, this arrangement has some disadvantages: teeth are quite fragile when impacted and ...
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Why humans didn't evolve to safely consume rotten food? [duplicate]

I'm not a biology person at all so please forgive me if my question is silly. I was just wondering that why didn't evolution cause us to digest, without issues decomposed food?
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If a trait does not appear to be advantageous to organism, why does the organism have it? [duplicate]

Why do organisms have some traits that do not appear to have any evolutionary advantage?
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What is the biological/evolutionary advantage to baldness? [duplicate]

Male pattern baldness is a common genetic trait. With a distinctive pattern/ density gradent (as apposed to general old age thinning as the body ages) Hair has an advantage of protection from the sun/...
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Why don’t humans have eyes at the back of their heads? [duplicate]

How does evolution rule out the possibility of humans or others fragile herbivores from having 2 pairs of eyes, one at the front and the other at the back of their heads? Why didn’t that ever happen?
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Why are there still useless traits/mutations in our body [duplicate]

Why is it that through decades of evolution , some seemingly useless body traits such as earlobes and pubic/chest hair still remains while other traits are generally replaced through evolution?
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How did evolution support sports, fun, entertainment etc [duplicate]

We know that many animals entertain themselves by playing games. But sports actually increases risks of death,or at least accidents. So why did evolution choose it? And why did evolution decide to ...
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