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Is there an evolutionary advantage associated with migraine? [duplicate]

I have read Wikipedia article on Genetics of migraine headaches and I don't buy it Because genetics influence susceptibility to migraine, it can be shaped by evolution. Fitness-impairing ...
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What is the advantage of being tired after having a sex? [duplicate]

When we have a sex with partner, we feel so tired that we don't have any power to do anything. Then it would be disadvantage to the animals, of course humans too, for they are exposed to danger. For ...
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Why are there no WINGED flying arachnids? [duplicate]

There seem to have been no arachnids flying WITH WINGS of any sort at any location or any time in the present or in the fossil record. Why is this? Rationale for question : If the process of ...
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Why did the dinosaurs not have gigantic brains and become really smart? [duplicate]

All my life, I've heard that all these gigantic dinosaurs that used to live on Earth had peanut-sized brains. I just accepted this as a fact, and I guess it may be a fact. But now I wonder: why?! If ...
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Why haven't environmentally-reactive bodies developed as an evolutionary advantage? [duplicate]

Regardless of region, earth's tilt results in yearly seasonal changes, which organisms deal with through processes like migration/hibernation. Both seem like attempts to avoid the extreme fluctuations....
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Confused About Why Red Queen Hypothesis Wouldn't Apply to Deer's Color Vision [duplicate]

In this site,, it says ""But there seems to be no evolutionary pressure, particularly for deer, which are the main prey of the tiger, to ...
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Evolutionary advantage of the nutrient played by the chicken [duplicate]

What is the evolutionary advantage of the chicken throwing out so much nutrient ovulating all the time? Is there a clear advantage to this? Chickens ovulate all the time for the same reason human ...
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Are there any biological obstacles prohibiting lighter-than-air organisms? [duplicate]

Why there are no organisms that use cavities filled with lighter-than air substances (e.g. hydrogen) to fly and remain in air? Given that there are a lot of fish and algae that use similar cavities ...
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Evolutionary explanation for hypoxia causing euphoria? [duplicate]

Why would something potentially very dangerous, such as hypoxia induce something pleasurable like euphoria? Are there any evolutionary hypotheses for this link? I'm thinking that something like the "...
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What are evolutionary reasons for humans' limited regeneration abilities? [duplicate]

As far as I understand (I am not a biologist), a ability of a species arises during the evolution if: It increases reproduction chances It is not too energy expensive It is physically possible At ...
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Are the 5 digits of all land vertebrates an accidental number? [duplicate]

All land verterbrates except some frogs have 5 fingers on hands and feet. The first vertebrate lizards came out of the water and had 7 fingers ( -370mn yrs), and then 6 fingers, and after 30 million ...
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What prevented invertebrates from discovering flight a second time? [duplicate]

Vertebrates evolved powered flight three times in history, being pterosaurs, birds, and finally, bats. Invertebrates were the first to evolve flight on the planet... but flying insects remained the ...
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Why some receptors have such high activation ceilings? [duplicate]

Why does the brain have receptors that have such a high activation celling, that no endogenous neurotransmitter could even come close to fully activate? Which ultimately results in there being certain ...
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Is evolution a fact? [closed]

Richard Dawkins in one of his videos says that Evolution is a fact and not just a theory. He goes on to say that man and chimpanzees both evolve from apes. Is this correct (Is evolution a fact and ...
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If evolution is not about increased complexity, why does so much complexity evolve?

In my last question I asked why we don't see increased complexity in artificial life simulations of evolution. It seems I had fallen for a common misconception, that evolution was about improvement by ...
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