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Is this a bed bug??? Small insect with tail thing found in bed [duplicate]

Couldn’t find any other ones, no bites, is very very very small like almost fruit fly size
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Is this a bedbug? Found in my bathtub [duplicate]

I found this bug crawling in my bathtub
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Is this insect a bedbug? [duplicate]

I just found this bug on our bed. So even though it is literally a bedbug… is it actually a bedbug? We have never had an issue before and no signs of bites. But finding this worries me now…
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Insect identification - is it a bed bug? [duplicate]

We were on holiday and got bitten by (most probably) bed bugs. We then carried them home, and I also saw a typical one: 4mm, flat, round, black. I thought it was pretty clear we had bed bugs. I ...
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Is this a bed bug? Found this on the pillow as I was putting my daughter to sleep [duplicate]

My husband found this small (~4mm long) insect on a pillow while putting my daughter to sleep in our New Jersey (USA) suburb home. We checked our daughter's and our own mattress as well as the rug, ...
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Insect identification request - Is this a bed bug? Colorado, USA [duplicate]

I found three of these bugs in our friends house all dead. I never found an alive one… But I’ve been waking up with bites in the breakfast lunch and dinner pattern. I want to confirm they are bedbugs ...
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Why are so few foods blue?

Although blue foods exist, they're rare enough compared to other foods for food preparers to use blue plasters as a convention. The natural colour of a given food is due to pigments that have some ...
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I found a bug on my bedroom floor. Is this a bedbug?

I found this insect on my bedroom floor. I'm worried. I hope this is not a bed bug. Size: 3-4 mm
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Is this a bedbug? [duplicate]

Does anyone know if this is a bedbug? Or maybe a cockroach? I am located in Quebec, Canada. If you need a clearer picture I'll try to take one without the glass in the way so my camera can focus ...
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Questions about insects eating flour and living in the cracks of a wooden cutting boards

I have a large wooden cutting board which is used in my kitchen mainly for preparing egg pasta. The wood type is Populus (poplar or aspen or cottonwood). The main ingredients used with the cutting ...
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Species Identification - small insect: is this a bed bug? [duplicate]

I found this bug in my apartment in Chicago. We had bed bugs in our house the previous year (but we thought we got rid of them). This bug was very small - maybe 2 millimeters in length. These ...
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Is this bedbug or book louse? [duplicate]

Hello everyone. I have been seeing tiny critters like this one in bed and I started to worryif they are bed bugs. Although they seem different in appearance as well as the fact that they don't seem to ...
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Tiny dark-colored bug ID in Amman-Jordan

I live in Amman-Jordan and I keep finding this bug species on my walls. I saw four till now on the walls of another room. A little bit bigger than the first one. Click on all photos to open full-...
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What kind of fish is this (Florida, USA)?

What kind of fish is this? It was caught in Florida (USA) in a canal and was in a group. It was about 5 or 6 inches in size.
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What is this insect I found in northern Europe?

Found this one in my bed in Northern Europe. Around 6 mm long (5 mm body + 1 mm nozzle). Seems to have 6 legs. The back looks a bit like black-brown camouflage, the legs are red-brown, the nozzle is ...
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