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Has there even been a clinical study where healthy volunteers consented to be infected with a pathogen?

I am curious if there has ever been a (modern) clinical study where a healthy volunteer was purposefully infected with a pathogen in order to test the effectiveness of a therapeutic or preventative ...
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Is it possible to kill parasitic worms by intoxicating oneself?

I've heard of parasites that can live in the human body and do a lot of damage to the host. There are even safer forms of worm-like parasites inside the intestine, but some parasites can live in the ...
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What determines the spiral direction of plants?

Some plants and vines spiral clockwise as they go along (right direction) and some spiral anticlockwise (left direction). What determines which direction they spiral along? At first, I believed it to ...
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Can a bacterium infect another bacterium?

I researched about it by searching on Google and reading some bacteriological articles, but I did not get any answer. I also asked some of my teachers, and they were also a bit confused. Some said ...
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Do spiders learn how to build webs?

Concerning spiders, is there any research on whether web-building is an inherited behavior, or if it must be observed and learned? e.g. Has anyone hatched spider eggs in isolation and observed whether ...
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Why doesn't local anesthesia affect muscles?

While having a dental surgery, I've got this question that why I can still talk, open/close my mouth, move my lips and so on while I can't feel anything at all in my mouth? If the local anesthesia ...
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What is this crow eating, and is it a common part of the corvid diet?

Here's a picture (by Rob Curtis) of a crow carrying and eating the corpse of what looks a bit like a small hawk or falcon: Other pictures clearly show the crow is eating the dead bird. This image ...
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Haploid eukaryotes?

I was wondering whether there are any eukaryotes which never have a diploid phase. I can't think of any. Fungi have diploid stages, and I know any sexually reproducing organisms will have at least ...
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Are two eyes necessary for 3D vision?

It has always been my understanding that humans have two eyes so that we can have 3D vision: the left eye sees more of the left side of an object than the right eye and vice versa. This helps us to ...
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Why does the T7 RNA Polymerase require a reducing environment ie. DTT

Every bloody protocol suggests adding in DTT when doing in vitro RNA transcription. Why? The rationale seems to be that the cytoplasm traditionally has a reducing environment but as the only protein ...
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Why don't the female lions in a pride help their male lion to protect their children from other males?

I watched a dozen of videos taping the fights between male lions; none of them involve female lions assisting in the fight. It is also known that the male lion who take-over the pride will kill all ...
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At what point is a picked flower considered dead?

Let a flower be picked from the ground such that its stem is cut and the flower is separated from the root system (as in figure). Questions: 1a. At what point is it considered dead? Does the flower ...
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Why isn't acetyl-coA an entry point for gluconeogenesis?

The process of gluconeogenesis starts from various possible precursors - plausible entry points like, Pyruvate, OAA, Fumarate, Propionate (as succinate) and alpha-KG. It is important to note that, ...
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Nicotine levels in non fruit/edible parts of plants (that are not tobacco)

I am an ex smoker who now vapes (uses e-cigs). Various authorities are equating vaping with smoking by calling it a 'tobacco product' - which is in a sense true given that the majority of nicotine ...
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How is the first Triceratops born?

To clarify at first, I have very little knowledge in biology and paleontology so there might be very obvious things I overlook. According to the evolution theory, there must be a graduate evolution ...
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