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How is saltatory conduction faster than conduction of unmyelinated fibers? [duplicate]

It's always the same explanation that currents are able to "hop" along Ranvier nodes instead of passing continuously along the axon making saltatory conduction more efficient than continuous ...
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Why do myelinated axons conduct impulses faster? [duplicate]

How does the myelination help in better conduction? I would prefer answers that are not too technical please.
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Elements that make action potential to conduct quicker? [duplicate]

The texts, online materials describe the velocity of conduction of action potential depends on axon's length and cross sectional area e.g. short length and large diameter decreases the resistance. ...
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Functional role of the myelin sheath [duplicate]

One usually reads that the functional role of the myelin sheath is being a good insulator, accelerating the speed of action potential propagation along the myelinated axon. I tried to understand this ...
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I just do not understand how myelination speeds up action potentials [duplicate]

first off, I've watched like 7 youtube videos, read a bunch of articles, and the explanations for why myelination actually increases action potential propagation differ each time are very vague. I've ...
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How is membrane capacitance related to the increased speed of saltatory conduction?

Here is the original question which inspired my question. As explained by the answers there, the reason saltatory conduction in myelinated neurons is faster than non-myelinated conduction is because ...
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What is the function of nodes of Ranvier in axons?

In a neuroscience class I'm taking, it was explained that myelin covers axons in sections, the uncovered sections are called nodes of Ranvier, and signals propagate much faster in the covered sections....
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How does a higher channel density increase speed of propagation of an Action Potential?

If there is a higher density of sodium channels then there will more Na$^+$ flux in the cell. So it's like trying to pass more material through a pipe and therefore the speed of action potential (AP) ...
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Does the number of nodes determines the rate at which a neural signal is transmitted?

I know that the the bigger the neuron's diameter is, the faster the neuron signal is transmitted. This makes sense according to the proportionality of resistance to the inverse of area and thus, in ...
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What is the mechanism by which myelination reduces the capacitance of the axon membrane?

There are two mechanisms that have been proposed to me. 1) Layering of Schwann cell membrane with conducting fluid between the layers is analogous to several capacitors in series. Since capacitance ...
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Why does damage to myelin sheath in multiple sclerosis lead to a decrease in information reaching the brain from sensory receptors?

In multiple sclerosis(MS), myelin sheath is attacked and damaged. When this happens, there is a decrease in the amount of information reaching the brain from sensory receptors. How and why does a ...
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What does myelin insulate against, exactly?

I am aware of the saltatory conduction model, nodes of Ranvier and all that, and that myelin lets electrical signals "jump". What does not add up to me entirely is what the myelin sheath insulates ...
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conduction in unmyelinated axons

(Not a specialist here) Several questions touch the voltage propagation along an unmyelinated axon, but I'd like to focus on the following. How fast does the voltage of a sub-threshold perturbation ...
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