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Are endorphins addictive?

Endorphins are among the brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters, which function to transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. Stress and pain are the two most common factors leading to ...
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Is withdrawal Euphoria possible?

It is known that when the human organism is supplied with certain hormones and/or drugs that serve a certain function for a sufficiently long amount of time, he reduces, and may eventually entirely ...
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Why do we develop addiction? [duplicate]

Recently, while on the train, I saw a person not holding the handrails on purpose. He decided that playing a game with no outcome whatsoever was more important than his safety. In fact, he bumped into ...
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Is it true reduction in sensitivity to dopamine due to over stimulation from addicting behaviors can be permanent, if yes how come?

I've read somewhat conflicting things. General concept is this: ...
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Can controlled dose of Codeine improve brain's functionality?

What I know so far about drugs (codeine, heroin, etc) is, the first time you take them you will feel better, think sharper, and act better, just like a supercharged engine. But as this goes on a ...
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Is addiction adaptive?

Addiction and addictive traits seem common amongst animals. A pubmed query shows it's been studied in everything from humans to worms. My personal favorite of these is: "Individual Consistency ...
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Why would a plant evolve to produce an addictive chemical?

It seems kind of anti-productive in terms of survival for a plant to produce an addictive chemical as that plant will constantly be sought after by animals that ingest it. In this instance, I'm ...
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Why are cats attracted to catnip?

According to wikipedia, the active substance is nepetalactone ($\ce{C_{10}H_{14}O_{2}}$) which has weak sedative, antispasmodic, febrifuge, and antibacterial effects in humans. Why are cats so fond of ...
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Can a person become addicted to tea?

Can one become addicted to tea like coffee addicts or smokers? I heard there are some common substances in tea and coffee, do they cause addiction?
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Why do the brains of cocaine-users shrink faster than the brains of non-cocaine users? Cocaine-dependent individuals showed a significantly greater-than-normal age-related decline in gray matter in ...
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