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Questions tagged [alcohol]

For questions about the biological aspects of alcohol, such as metabolism, mechanisms of effect, etc. Questions should be carefully written to focus on the biology. Chemistry questions are off-topic.

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Why does double vision when drinking happen?

Why do you see double sometimes when you're drunk? Its weird because it seems to happen more when you try to focus. Try to look at something when you're drinking and it barely seems to double up Try ...
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Preserving/disinfecting meat with alcohol?

I'm considering safer ways to handle raw meat and it occurred to me that alcohol might be useful. I'm considering, say, sealing pieces of meat in a container with 40% alcohol or higher in fridge or ...
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How do mosquitoes react to blood feeding on a highly ethanol intoxicated host?

Considering that a mosquito can consume up to five times its body weight in blood during a single meal (Encyclopedia of the Arctic, M.Nuttal), and considering a very strong alcoholic intoxication of ...
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How does alcohol interact with sympathomimetics to affect the cardiovascular system?

There is a fair amount of information on the cardiovascular effects of alcohol, and of sympathomimetics. How do they work? And how do their mechanisms interact? We know that similar pathologies ...
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Quantify Protein Denaturation with Change in Solubility

I plan to run a lab which compares the impacts of ethanol and methanol, in varying concentrations, on the denaturation of whey protein. Change in water solubility is a good indicator of the degree ...
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Why is ethanol osmotically active if it can enter through the plasma membrane easily?

This has been bugging me for a while, and I can't seem to find an answer to it, and I am sorry if I am asking a lot with this question(s). Firstly, I keep finding sources suggesting that ethanol is ...
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If the liver can regenerate why can alcohol abuse permanently damage it?

The liver is a fairly unique organ in that it has the ability to regenerate itself even if parts of it are removed/damaged. It is a well known fact that continual alcohol abuse damages the liver and ...
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Does ale give less of a hangover than a lager?

I got into an argument surrounding beer type and hangover. Apparently there is a opinion that ales give you less hangover than lagers do (considering same alcohol content consumed). My understanding ...
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Why do urine have a chemical smell after drinking a lot of alcohol (red wine)?

When I've been drinking a lot of red wine my urine starts to have a chemical smell. How do that urine differ from normal urine? Is that chemical smell a sign of liver issues? When I was younger I don'...
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Does Methanol cause similar intoxication as Ethanol?

Take two average healthy adult males weighing 80 kg. Neither has, ahem, developed their alcohol tolerance to any significant degree. One imbibes 1 shot, 40 ml of 40% Methanol, and another 40 ml of 40%...
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Can hand sanitizer kill a fertilized human egg cell?

If you took a human egg cell that was fertilized in vitro and sprayed some hand sanitizer on it would it die?
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