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Algae is an informal term for a large, diverse group of photosynthetic eukaryotic organisms that are not necessarily closely related, and is thus polyphyletic.

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Cynobacteria vs. BGA

I am really confused. On google and other places(though very old) it is mentioned that Cynobacteria are the same as BGA(Blue-Green Algae) and are technically bacteria and are places under the kingdom ...
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Cell Size and Morphology of Microalgae under Wastewater

Hypothetical situation ahead, I am just curious whether the cell size and cell morphology of microalgae changes when it is under the influence of wastewater. For instance, mixing the microalgae ...
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What wavelength of light should I use to measure the absorbance of an anabaena population?

I am trying to use a spectrophotometer/colorimeter to measure the relative amounts of anabaena (cyanobacteria) in different samples. What wavelength should I use to get the maximum absorbance?
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Are these algae responsible for concrete staining the same organism?

I am interested in studying the effects of algae that cause concrete staining on the walls in my city, particularly because this green growth is widespread in my country, Quito, Ecuador. Since I am ...
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Looking for specific alga and a recently extinct (or rare) marine animal from the same region for novel

I'm writing a novel where there is a drowned body in an inland lake. The idea is that she was drowned after a fight in a container containing sea water for smuggling a recently extinct (in the novel, ...
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Does the current phylogenetic system classify only Algae as Thallophytes?

I am studying the current system of division of plants. While studying Thallophytes, I came across some sources which said that Thallophytes consist of Fungi, Algae, and Lichens. Some others (https://...
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What's this stuff that looks like white chainmail armor growing on giant kelp?

I found some giant kelp coated with a material that is white, smooth, and forms a chain-mail pattern with small black oblong lumps in between the links. It feels pretty hard but not stiff (the kelp ...
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How do algal blooms deplete oxygen? [duplicate]

How do algal blooms deplete oxygen and kill marine life? Don't they release, not consume oxygen as seaweed does? Different types of algae function differently in that respect, don't they? If they need ...
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How long can zooxanthellae survive on their own, after being expelled from coral after a bleaching event?

So many sites (and books and journals and such) discuss how long different types of coral can survive without their dinoflagellate algae (zooxanthellae), but... How long can the poor little symbiotic ...
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What is silicalemma and what is plasmalemma in diatom algae and how do they differ?

I try to understant the morphology (cytology?) of diatom algae. Does someone can describe what is silicalemma and what is plasmalemma in diatoms and how do they differ? Or they are the same?
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Biology Experiment Algae pH & temperature help?

I am planning a Biology investigation for my IB IA on the impact of temperature and pH on algae growth. Does anyone have tips on how to measure the growth rate of algae? What algae is the most suited ...
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In lichen, do the fungi consume the oxygen produced by algae?

Is the oxygen produced by algae in photosynthesis consumed by the fungi, specifically in marine lichens where oxygen is less abundant? I am wondering this because of a speculative evolution project.
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Are there any eukaryotic algae that degrade EDTA?

EDTA is a frequently-used chelator in molecular biology experiments and medical applications. Buchelia-Witschel et al 2001 discuss certain bacteria have monooxygenases that are capable of degrading ...
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Multiple fission and spore formation

I came across this question today. In the B diagram, zoospores of chlamydomonas is given. Now my doubt is, are the zoospores formed by multiple fission or spore formation? If it is by spore formation, ...
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How many giant kelp are there per square meter?

In a high-density giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) bed how many "holdfasts" or roots would there be per square meter of seafloor on average?
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Identification of Ulva lactuca

I am trying to find an ID guide that I can use to identify macroalgae. I specifically want to differentiate between Ulva species.
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What are these black masses floating on my pool?

I've been cleaning them for some time. At first I thought it was some kind of synthetic material, but when I took one with my fingers it disintegrated into filaments. I placed another under my usb ...
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Floats of Algae, a house-made conjecture

Background In North of Scotland there are many seaweed types. One is a green algae (chlorophyta). They are full of 'bubbles'. According to web searches one of those bubbles (there are two types you ...
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Are there completely self-sufficient autotrophs?

Are there completely self-sufficient autotrophs which can survive and reproduce indefinitely by consuming exclusively non-organic matter (plus energy from sunlight or thermal vents etc.)? I'm asking ...
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What is "beto carotene" and how can it turn lakes pink?

The BBC News article Pink lake in Australia attracts and delights tourists describes an artificial salt lake in Westgate Park, Melbourne, Australia that tuns pink around February and then in "late ...
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What kind of lichen is it (no. 2)?

I think i found very interesting lichen. I discoved it at 1.15 PM CET in Prague nature conservation area called Divoka Sarka. I took this picture on the place of my discovery. One piece of this ...
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Volvox Cellular Reintegration

A couple of days ago, I answered this question over on worldbuilding.SE with some information about volvoxes, and commenter Liam Proven pointed out that one of the claims I made was dubious. I had ...
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How to grow a spirulina biofilm on a carbon/graphite cylindrical cathode?

I am trying to grow a spirulina biofilm on my cathode for a fuel cell but it doesn't seem to be sticking to the cathode. I have a culture of spirulina and I've submerged a few cathodes in it to try ...
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Do green algae form obligate symbioses with fungi?

I understand that obligate symbioses means that the two organisms cannot live without each other and are in a symbiotic relationship, but do green algae from this with fungi?
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How does the OD correlate with the number of algae cells?

My research team and I are using a spectrometer to measure the OD of an algae sample. We are trying to answer the question "Is there a correlation between OD and the number of algae cells?" What ...
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What are the obstacles to modifying an algae to secrete fuel?

I've been reading a bit about algae fuel. It sounds like people did some work and then decided it was too difficult. This link mentions Exxon's work:
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Taxonomy problems on algae: Is Cryptophyta a Phylum or a Class rank?

I am currently interested in algae taxonomy (I am not an expert in the field). I retrieved the taxonomy of my sequences with their NCBI access number via the taxonkit software (https://bioinf....
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Where can I find a compendium of microorganisms?

I recently bought a microscope hoping to learn more about algae and bacteria and stuff. I've collected a few samples of pond water and found tons of algae and stuff, but I have no idea what to call ...
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Can Thraustochytrids such as Schizochytrium do photosynthesis?

I know they belong to the phylum of heterokonts and that they are being heterotrophically grown on an industrial scale but I can't seem to find any reference to them being grown photoautotrophically. ...
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Is it possible to use microalgae to produce food and live on it?

I know microalgae have not less protein and starch, grow quickly, require less. So, is it possible to use them for producing food (replace rice and wheat) and live on it? Currently, I only saw people ...
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