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Questions tagged [allelopathy]

biological phenomenon by which an organism produces one or more biochemicals that influence the germination, growth, survival, and reproduction of other organisms. These biochemicals are known as allelochemicals and can have beneficial (positive allelopathy) or detrimental (negative allelopathy).

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What is the area around a plant that is under its phytochemicals/secondary metabolites influence?

Is there a dilution threshold as a function of distance or some general measure regarding the area around a plant that is under the influence of its phytochemicals? I'm looking for a objective value ...
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1 answer

How does acacia affect the growth of nearby plants?

I know acacia will make the soil more acidic, but how? I tried to search online, but cannot really find something useful.
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8 votes
2 answers

Can allelopathy succesfully be used against algal blooms?

Algal blooms caused by man (harmful algal blooms) are a major ecological problem. An excessive amount of algae causes hypoxia and logically, most marine wildlife can't be sustained in hypoxic ...
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3 votes
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What chemical or biochemical agents do plants use to inhibit each other's growth?

As I just learned, allelopathy is the action by which plants regulate the growth of other nearby plants. I have hear of ethylene is a general signal for growth and fruit ripening in particular, but ...
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