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Altruism refers to behaviour by an individual that increases the fitness of another individual while decreasing the fitness of the actor.

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How is the recipient's probability of survival calculated in Hamilton's Rule?

This is Question 99 from the 2012 USABO Semifinals Exam: Assuming that "snonting" is an altruistic behavior that is maintained due to kin selection, consider the following situation: A ...
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Is it trivial to assume a version of Hamilton's rule that applies for numerous generations?

Is it trivial to assume that a version of Hamilton's rule that applies to numerous generations is: C > rB C = lineage fitness lost by an actor, B = lineage fitness gained from the act, and r = ...
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Does the theory of evolution fail to explain people sacrificing their lives for their enemies? [closed]

Monika i Marcin Gajdowie, "Rozwój. Jak współpracować z łaską", the very beginning of the book: Przede wszystkim jednak, niektórzy z nas są gotowi oddać życie z miłości do nieprzyjaciół, a to ...
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can animals override instinct?

I would say that one of features that separates human consciousness from animal is the ability override instinctive behavior. A human infant will jerk its hand away from a hot surface. An older child ...
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Do clients of cleaner fish queue up?

I can't remember if I saw it in a cartoon, a documentary, or both, but the notion is that the clients of cleaner fish wait in line to be cleaned. "Clients" means the fish (or other aquatic animals) ...
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Hamilton's Rule in practice

I came across this question in USABO 2013 open exam: A mother antelope and its child are galloping along the plains, when they encounter a group of hungry lions. If the two antelopes try to escape ...
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Is there a difference between macroevolution and group selection?

I encountered two different attitudes towards macroevolution: The first one included long-term microevolution such as the evolution of Cetacea. The second one included only macroevolution in terms of ...
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Why don't the genetic similarities between ‘unrelated’ individuals of the same and different species outweigh the differences?

Ever since starting to learn about the concept of inclusive fitness during my BSc, I've been bugged by this questions: if inclusive fitness can account for many ‘altruistic’ behaviors, why don't the ...
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How to calculate relatedness in haplodiploid organisms (mainly full sisters and full brothers)?

I have tried to calculate the relatedness for haplodiploid organisms, but cannot understand the calculations behind full sister and full brother. (taken from Wikipedia: haplodiploidy I have managed ...
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Is greed an evolved trait?

I am not a biologist, but I am fascinated by evolution. I was watching the news this morning and, as so often is the case, there was a news story about a corrupt politician who was accepting bribes....
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Animal altruism?

My first impression of is that the baboons were being altruistic and benevolent, but is this guess proven or affirmed by science? I sense there's more to ...
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Empirical evidence for Group Selection?

A controversial concept in Biology "Group Selection", has caused confusion and conflict amongst scientists since the since the mid 1990s. The more general realm of study is termed the "unit of ...
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How selfish is Dictyostelium slug formation?

Dictyostelium is a slime mold which is well known for having a single cell free living phase and other some conditions (e.g. when food is scarce) for forming communal piles of cells called 'slugs' ...
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Does becoming martyr have an evolutionary advantage?

This is related to How does "be altruist to those who are similar to you" evolve? Altruism that is Not reciprocal Not familiar has little explanation. One possible explanation is that ...
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