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How does positional memory in fibroblast cells work?

I have a question regarding how positional memory in fibroblasts work, specifically, where the memory comes from/how its made. For example, the Salamander & other amphibians are able to regenerate ...
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Poison of the Japanese Tree Frog

The Japanese Tree Frog (Dryophytes japonica) (EN / JP) has a poison on its skin that can even make you loose your eyesight, if you touch your eyes, after touching{NOTE}. I found quite a couple of site ...
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Newts in a rodent larder. Limits of regeneration? (NSFSqueamish)

Observation. In the Surrey woodland of southern UK mainland I chanced upon a piece of corrugated metal. Lifting it up I found a bare patch of soil except for what appeared to be a nest of dry plant ...
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How does a frog separate blood in its ventricle?

Since a frog has two atria and one ventricle, how does it separate oxygenated blood from deoxygenated blood when both are mixed in the ventricle? Or does a frog simply pump a mixture of both to the ...
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Is amphibians being descended from fish reflected in the animalia taxonomy?

I think it is common knowledge that amphibians are descended from fish. At some point there was a transition from sea to land. But when I try to confirm this through the Animalia taxonomy, the ...
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How do frogs fight? [closed]

I've seen a video in this link, where two frogs fight. One of commenters asks How...exactly...does one establish dominance in their world? I mean, they’re fat, slippery, no claws, their teeth are ...
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Can this toad be approx 1cm long?

Recently the toad from this video has been identified as an American Toad inside this post in Reddit. The original video mentions it was filmed in White Clay Creek State Park, Newark, Delaware, USA. ...
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ID Request: What is this frog? Eastern Long Island, NY USA mixed hardwood forest

Apologies for the potato quality photos, but can anyone ID this frog? My son found a few frogs living under a porch at my father's house, which is situated in a mixed hardwood forested area of eastern ...
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Is there any small animal that can jump over a meter high/long?

By small, let's say less than 5 cm body length. I always thought that grasshoppers were the highest absolute jumpers in this class but the highest jump according to this article is 0.7 m...
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Can wood frogs who have frozen and thawed remember their past lives?

Wood frogs (Rana sylvaticus) can survive being frozen for up to 7 months at temperatures as low as -16 °C. Their breathing stops, their heart stops and all signs of life disappear. (Source) I have ...
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Can someone identify the species of this frog/ toad?

Location: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India I found it at night time near a lake It was quite small in size ( 5-6 cm Approx.) having dark brown spots all over its body and three prominent green ...
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What is this toad suffering from? Myiasis or chytridiomycosis?

I found this toad on Aug. 29th at this location: position on osm I think it is a bufo bufo, approx. 10 cm long. The nostrils seemed to be completely filled with a grey matter and from the activity of ...
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How do bullfrogs eat?

I have a very small pond in my backyard and a bullfrog lives in it. I see him all the time, but I never see him eat anything. He either sits in the water with his head just above the water or he sits ...
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Is the swimming pool water harmful to frogs who jump in? If so, how?

Here is an odd question: Frogs have permeable skin. Indeed, via capillary action, frogs absorb water through their skin. Chlorine is in principle a harmful substance. I am sure what percentage of ...
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