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Anecdotal evidence refers to findings, hypotheses, speculations or ideas based on observations in a subject group typically consisting of a single individual, or consisting of a few, often related, individuals.

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What are these ciliates doing here during cell division?

A while ago I filmed a short (20 min) time-lapse of the cell division of two ciliates. However, I noticed something odd with their behavior. They appear to push against a piece of debris in order to ...
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Is this bear excreta on trees?

We were hiking lately in Canadian Rockies (the Kananaskis country) and kept encountering branches of conifers near ground covered in brown substance similar to mud or excreta. It didn't have any ...
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Can a firefly control its glow?

I've just seen this animation: I always thought the firefly glow is ongoing slow chemical reaction, like in glowsticks though through different chemicals. As such it seems impossible to control ...
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Why does a human's field of view narrow when moving faster?

A relative of mine is a driving instructor and he regularly likes to bring up that the field of view narrows noticeably when driving at higher speeds. Is this true, why is this so and does this apply ...
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