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Questions tagged [animal-husbandry]

Animal husbandry is raising animals for meat, milk, eggs, or other products.

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Are organisms that are genetically modified with a deletion classified as "transgenic"?

Imagine you delete a genomic region in a zygote with a CRISPR plasmid to generate an F1 animal with a genomic deletion. The animal should be considered transgenic because of the presence of the ...
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Is this a deathstalker

I want to know is this a death stalker ?
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What is the thickness of the mucous, submucosal, muscular and serous membranes of the stomach wall of a piglet aged 60-75 days? (Large White pig)

There is publicly available data on the thickness of the layers of the stomach wall of piglets aged no more than 20 days. But at an early age, the thickness of the layers of the stomach wall increases ...
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Is Pork more prone to carrying higher loads of parasites than Beef?

My friend told me that pork is dangerous due to containing worms. I told her that beef contains worms too and that's why we cook it. We went to steak restaurant and ordered "medium" beef. ...
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If species are reproductively isolated, then how are interspecific hybridisations carried out?

during fertilisation there is compatibility test done so that both sperms and eggs are of same species. the zona pellucida of egg bears sperm specific receptor proteins(ZP3 receptor proteins) which ...
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Is feeding wild pigeons really "weakening the entire species"?

While reading about what foods are healthy for pigeons, I came across the following paragraph: (Source) Human interaction and improper feeding of domestic and wild pigeons is believed to be one of ...
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How do bull semen companies get the semen out of the bulls?

Prompted by this article, which discusses the low number of bulls who sire US dairy cows. How do semen companies extract semen from bulls? The procedure to extract semen from humans is simple enough,...
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How do animals avoid the problem of inbreeding?

In humans, there are various cultural rules to avoid inbreeding (to the level of paternal cousins, nieces/nephews and uncles/aunts etc) How do animals such as dogs avoid the problem of inbreeding? ...
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Do animals get sick with hemorrhoids?

Do animals get sick with hemorrhoids ? And why Humans are most affected of it ? Is it because the gravity center of Humans is sittuated in the anal ?
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Is it painful for the hen to lay eggs?

My little son just asked me this question. His mother used to complain about the excruciating pain she suffered when she gave birth to him. He is a compassionate kid and wonders whether the hen goes ...
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Overcoming Inbreeding Depression

When inbreeding depression occurs, a genetically unrelated individual is mated with the animal to introduce genetic variability and remove homozygosity. In this case either outbreeding or ...
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How to know the gestation time of pregnant mice?

In lab mice I wish to establish how many weeks my animals are into their pregnancy. Is there some way?
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