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Are humans unusual, compared to other animals, in not understanding the mechanics of sex instinctively?

To begin with a personal anecdote: there was a period in my childhood, which I can remember clearly, in which I was aware of sexual reproduction as a fact, but the mechanics of it remained a ...
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How to empirically differentiate social interaction from self-awareness in the mirror test?

When placed in front of a mirror, manta rays are more active (e.g. expose their ventral side to the mirror) and present more frequent and repetitive movements (e.g. furling and unfurling their ...
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Measures of animal intelligence

What is a good cross-species measure of intelligence? I want to use this information to decide which animals to eat, so preferably it would have been measured for most commonly eaten animals. I read ...
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How can animals defecate or urinate in fear if the nervous system seems to opposes it?

How do animals defecate and/or urinate in fear even though their 'flight or fight' response seems to oppose it? I have seen many cats and dogs urinate and defecate when they experience extreme fear. ...
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Have elephants (or any species other than humans) been known to cover their dead?

I was just reading this blog on HarperCollins website about 5 animals that grieve. Of elephants, the following claim is made: They bury their dead and pay tribute to the bodies and to the bones. [my ...
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Emotions in Animals Based on Neuroscience

I know very little about the subject, so please forgive any misunderstandings in the question. First of all, by emotion, I mean feelings of pleasure and suffering and not merely just sensory ...
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Are there animal species who would sacrifice their lives to save their offspring?

In the comment section of YouTube animal videos, there are people who say that animal mothers love their offspring very much as if human mothers do. But are there actual animal species whose parents ...
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How fast is dopamine released in the brain?

Dopamine is released when one anticipates a pleasurable event says "People with more sensitivity to ritalin rated higher ...
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Why are humans rarely preyed on?

I did a bit of research and noted that some animals such as alligators can indeed digest humans. However, in a lot of cases, they actively avoid humans (bears, alligators, boas). Intellectually, yes ...
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Can apes have schizophrenia?

Many animals can become mentally ill, but I could not find any account of animals showing schizophrenia, not even apes. I could only find this, but it seems very vague. Is there any evolutionary ...
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Why are chickens passive when their eggs are taken?

Most species don't seem enthusiastic when their eggs are taken, yet on farms with domesticated hens, they seem more passive when their eggs are harvested. Why does this occur?
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Harbor Seal behavior and personality

I'm doing some research on Harbor seal behavior, but I haven't been able to find much on general behavior such as personality, quirks, ect. Does anyone have anyone have any firsthand experience with ...
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Flatworms sexual reproduction; one must be the mother and the other the father?

I watched this. I wonder if both of these flatworms ever end up pregnant. Earthworms are simultaneous hermaphrodites, meaning worms have both male and female reproductive organs, just like flatworms. ...
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Ostium: insects circulatory system

What is this? Is this a part of the tubular heart? Does it pump hymolymph? Does it have ostium?
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Is Brain Eye connections reversed in all animals or just Humans?

I know that Brain Eye connections are reversed in Humans, Left Hemisphere controls the Right eye/Right side of the body Right Hemisphere Controls the Left eye/Left side of the body Is it true in ...
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Frogs stop croaking at same time

I know frogs start croaking at the same time to attract a female. Why do they all stop at the same time?
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Examples of animals who 'forget' their offspring

Occasionally on the news I read about young children dying in hot cars on a sunny day. Usually the article reports that the parent(s) 'forgot' about their children still being in the car. Obviously ...
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Why are children so violent, compared to other adolescent animals, when they play?

When children play it is frequent that someone starts crying, suffers minor injuries and that they are intentionally mean towards each other (e.g., bite, pull hair, throws sand, pushes someone so they ...
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Do birds grieve and feel emotion?

Crows are surprisingly clever with tool making/use and even understanding displacement water over sand! Clearly there's some relatively high level cognitive processes going on up in those avian brains....
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Has an ape ever drawn/painted something?

I know there are plenty of examples of apes making paintings and drawings, but has there ever been a recorded case of one representing something in their art?
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Why do simulations of dichromatic color vision portray medium wavelengths as yellow rather than green?

Please take the time to read & answer this at your own convenient pace. Is this even the right way to put this? Do you think this post better belongs in the Physics or Philosophy forums? This ...
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Will a dog develop similar feelings with a robot as like human?

I think we are connected to the world by Biochemistry first and then physical and verbal interactions. If a robot feeds a dog regularly, pampers it and cuddles it regularly, would it develop the same ...
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What Is This Tactic Called? (Banishing Adolescent Females)

I was watching a documentary about Meerkats the other day and one thing that stuck out to me was how the Mother of a family will banish her daughters once they reach adolescence. If the daughters try ...
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What is the evolutionary or biological origin of apathy and indifference. Is it uniquely a human thing?

I believe that social apathy is one of the main reasons why changes cannot easily be brought about in contemporary society due to the general lack of interest of the public, and this has ties with ...
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Why do live crabs in a bucket prevent each other from escaping?

It has been observed that crabs in a bucket will stop others from easily escaping. This observation has lead to the English language colloquialism crabs in a bucket....
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