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How does defining cell assembly by giving weightage to impact caused as opposed to strength of connections change our current paradigm?

Buzsaki, in his paper Neural Syntax: Cell Assemblies, Synapsembles, and Readers, seems to suggest that instead of using synaptic strength and connectivity as a defining feature, a (dynamically ...
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Training AI models to identify the sex in some bird species

Through my limited knowledge and experience with parrots (especially African greys and quacker parrots), I came to notice that most often some species, in which the male and the female are highly ...
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Vision System: neural activity is modulated using FSK?

I’m learning about the human vision system and signaling. Does anyone know if the signaling used by the vision system is modulated at the neuron using amplitude frequency shift keying? I present my ...
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AlphaFold: How do they determine the 100% accuracy threshold?

From what I read, it seems the current situation is like this: latest cutting-edge lab techniques get to an accuracy of around 90%. For example, they put a protein under an electron microscope or ...
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Analysis of dynamic connectome data?

I have heard about existence of full brain connectome data of some worms or fishes. I have heard about GEVI - genetically engineered voltage indicators - that allow to see voltage data at subcellular ...
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Can cognitive functioning of the human brain change the physical state of the brain? [closed]

Can cognitive functioning of the human brain change the physical state of the brain? E.g. does self-awareness, self-reflection change the number of neurons or synapses among neurons? I.e. I am trying ...
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Training Data for Secondary Protein Structure prediction using neural network

I am trying to find some training dataset for prediction of Secondary Structure of Protein. I am having problems finding them online.
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What is reaction time of a single c. elegans neuron?

What is the reaction time of a single c. elegans neuron? Is sensory neuron reaction to stimulus is similar to intermediate neuron passing a signal to motor neuron? What about chemical and electrical ...
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How does translation invariance in vision happen?

Convolutional neural networks are very popular these days in computer vision. One of the things they do quite well is recognize objects with translation invariance. The way they do this is by "tying ...
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Books on machine learning applications in Biology

I have recently engaged with a collaboration, which requires me to construct, then train an unsupervised artificial neural network (ANN). However, I have only a very coarse understanding of what ...
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The concept of backpropagation in neural networks actually occurs in the brain?

I am aware the Human brain has many functionally distinct components, but let us specifically consider the Human visual cortex: could Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) be "trained" (through, e.g. ...
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