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Autophagy is an intracellular degradation system that delivers cytoplasmic constituents to the lysosome.

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What is autophagy? [duplicate]

Recently Japanese scientist won Nobel Prize in Medicine for "Autophagy". Can someone explain what autophagy is?
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Does "eating less" stimulate cell starvation?

2016 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was given for the study of autophagy. Judging from the description, a healthy cell responds to starvation (and other types of stress) with autophagy. Does ...
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why do some cells in the body prefer necrosis to apoptosis as a means of cell death?

There are many programmed cell death pathways, but some cells show a greater preference for some over the other. I'm wondering as to why if necrosis is an inflammatory response that causes damage to ...
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What is the pathogenuc mechanism of brown pigment lipofuscin in muscle atrophy?

I think it is autophagy. Lysosomal degradation. Autophagocytosis. Example of the brown pigment (lipofuscin) here: I am not sure if autophagy is the right answer to the "pathogenic" mechanism of ...
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Why is there sperm mitochondrial suicide?

The mitochondria in the sperm are digested upon entry into the egg, making mDNA inheritance exclusively female. What is the advantage of this? Wouldn't some male mDNA be beneficial because of the ...
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Autophagy in eukaryotic cells

What is autophagy? How and under which circumstances is it used by the cell? I believe The reason for autophagy is some kind of recycling, am I right? But why does it occur in infections?
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