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Questions tagged [balance]

Balance refers to postural control, which is defined as the act of maintaining, achieving or restoring a state of balance during any posture or activity.

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Do birds ever fly in clouds?

Do (some) birds ever fly in fog or clouds so that they would not be able to see either the ground or the sun? Assuming the visibility is good enough so they can see obstacles in time to avoid them. ...
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How does one maintain balance sleepwalking?

Anectodal. Feel free to shoot it down. Walking is an acquired skill; As far as I'm concerned exhaustion causes disorientation. Even after waking up it sometimes takes a second or so to get balanced. ...
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Why do I feel funny in my tummy when riding a virtual roller coaster?

I've ridden a virtual roller coaster on an Oculus Rift. I felt tension as I went up to the top, but more interestingly I actually felt my stomach drop when I went down the steep drop on the other side....
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Effect of closed eyes on balance?

Suppose you want to stand on one leg. Doing it eyes open is not that difficult, but doing it eyes closed seems to be difficult. Why?
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Can a lack of sleep degrade balance?

For years, I've noticed that the day after a night of poor sleep (4 hours or less), my balance noticeably degrades. For instance, while walking 20 feet to the coffee maker, I might stumble into the ...
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Why does the direction of endolymph flow oppose direction of body motion?

In the semicircular canals, the endolymph always flows in a direction that is opposite to the motion of the vestibular apparatus itself. I’m having trouble grasping why this is, and I would greatly ...
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Does loud music affect hearing and balance?

From many sources I understand that strong disturbances can destroy hair cells in the cochlea. Does the sound damage always counts simply as the number of decibels recieved by the ear? E.g., if you ...
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Why are adults so suceptible to dizziness?

I have a child and she, like pretty much all the others it seems, loves spinny rides in the park. Adults often can't stand them. In fact, I recall going from loving to hating dizziness over the space ...
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Why are ammonium ions reabsorbed in the thick ascending limb during acid secretion?

In order to produce HCO3- from glutamine and to subsequently reabsorb it, H+ ions need to be secreted. The kidney does this by via ammonium ions in the PCT. But why are the ammonium ions then ...
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Can human spinal reflexes make use of a proprioceptive input?

I was out in the car when I wondered why manufacturers place pedal controls crucial for reaction time so very far from the motor cortex. Is there anything a spinal reflex could work with, which would ...
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