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Flying mammals of the order Chiroptera.

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How can animals that rely on SONAR not see color? [closed]

Humans can sense colors with acuity and can distinguish them because of the light of different spectrum that follows into their eyes. Not its also said that sound is different for different colors, ...
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Is the receptor of SARS-CoV-like viruses in bats still unknown?

A fairly detailed 2012 review (Whittaker et al.) on the Mechanisms of Coronavirus Cell Entry Mediated by the Viral Spike Protein noted that SARS-CoV-like viruses have been isolated in bats. In this ...
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Is anything known about the speed with which viruses spread geographically in R. affinis (or at least bats in general)?

RaTG13, which is the closest known relative of SARS-CoV-2 at full genome level, was sampled (just) in a R. affinis (bat) specimen in Yunnan Province... which is about 1,500 km away from Hubei, the ...
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Are there any documented instances of coronaviruses being directly transmitted from bats to humans?

Many human coronaviruses have ancestral host origins in species of bat. However, all instances I am aware of identified other animals as intermediary vectors: SARS-CoV: Human ← Palm Civet / Raccoon ← ...
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How do bats survive their own coronaviruses?

How do bats survive their own coronaviruses (without showing any symptoms)? Or, more generically, how can viruses keep reproducing inside healthy carriers without inducing any pathogenic effect? Are ...
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Why are bats the source of dangerous coronavirus pandemics?

Why do coronaviruses come from bats? I mean, why precisely coronaviruses and not (for instance) herpesviruses? It looks like bats host more zoonotic viruses (per species) than rodents, although they ...
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How to calculate grams of fat used during hibernation?

In Humphries et al. 2002. Nature, the authors report number of grams of fat bats use during hibernation. However, their equations results in values in mlO2/g. How can one convert the energy ...
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What about this bat?

This happened in LaGrange GA. We heard some crawling around behind one of the faux-wood shutters on our front porch. So I eased it back and saw this: If you can't make out the scale, the furry part ...
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What do bats do if played ultra sound?

If there are bats flying in the cave, and I play the same pitch they use to echolocate from a speaker, what would the bats do?
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Is the inhalation of ammonia a possible health problem for bats in an artificial small volume winter roost?

About 70 bats (Nyctalus noctula) spend their winter in an artificial small volume (0,050 cubic meters) winter roost located in the attic of a building. There is a single small exit to the outside ...
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Can bats echolocation discern what insects they are preying on?

Insectivorous bats feed on many different types of insects such as mosquitoes, moths, beetles, and bees. According to the Bat Conservation Trust, bats can discern insects from other objects but I'm ...
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