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the branch of acoustics concerned with sounds produced by or affecting living organisms, especially as relating to communication. This tag can be used in questions about sounds produced by living organisms for communication, mating, defense, etc.

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Is there a detailed model of the resonance of the basilar membrane and excitation patterns of hair cells?

I've read that it's generally understood that deeper parts of the cochlea are sensitized to lower frequencies, and regions closer to the oval window are sensitive to high frequencies. In a sense, a ...
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Should soundscape ecology be a component of STEM education? [closed]

I'd like to see soundscape ecology be included in STEM education. I realize there is so much to teach and so little time, but think that primary and secondary students would be highly motivated and ...
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What types of sounds do sperm whales produce?

Sperm whales produce echolocation clicks, what are the other types of clicks and other sounds they can produce?
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Why the "trailing" woodpecker sound?

I recently (March 26th, 2022) recorded a woodpecker in the woods around Habo Ljunga, Lomma, Skåne, Sweden and that gave me an idea. While cutting the audio, I noticed that the woodpecker's sound seems ...
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Do schooling fish make sounds that predators could detect?

Do schooling fish make sounds, voluntarily or involuntarily? A general internet search for "schooling fish sounds" doesn't provide many answers, but I found a paper from 1960 describing ...
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Could some identify this bird call? (from the hu - wolf totem)

What species is making this sound? You can hear the sound it makes at the end of the music video: The HU - Wolf Totem
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What is the highest range mosquito can be detected via Microphone?

Just wondering when a mosquito attack at night I can hear it around my head, shoulders upper corps. Is it any statistic how far our ears or a microphone could detect it is nearby?
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Validity of Acoustic Weapon Effects on Biological Organisms?

There is alot of rather contradictory information present on the biological effects of acoustic weapons with a bevy of scientific articles claiming that they cause harm to biological organisms with ...
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Do Asian koel males communicate through calls?

Male Asian koels are heard making long koo-Ooo s which are returned by similar koo-Ooo s1 from some far away place. While the female makes short shrills. I never had the opportunity to see the ...
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What animal / bird can be heard in this evening sound recording from Western Washington, USA?

We heard this animal outside in Western Washington (Port Townsend area) during the late evening. I think it is a bird, but it honestly sounds sort of like some creepy woman singing or something. The ...
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Please identify bird call / animal call

What species is making this sound? You can hear it from the opening samples of this song: Earthgarden by Nada (2003). I wish to study the frequency distribution of the bird call.
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What nocturnal animal sound am I hearing in the trees in Maine?

Every year, during late summer nights (usually around 9:00 pm) in Maine, I hear a noise coming from high up in the trees. The trees I hear it from are mostly maple or conifer, but where I live there ...
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What effect does a bat's echolocation have on other bats?

Bat echolocation is a perceptual system where ultrasonic sounds are emitted specifically to produce echoes. By comparing the outgoing pulse with the returning echoes, the brain and auditory nervous ...
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Does this recording sound like the pulses emitted by bats?

Out of curiosity, I recorded sounds in an area with lots of bats, hoping to be able to "hear" the bats communicating by lowering the ultrasound to a level down to the frequency which can be ...
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Are these bat social calls? [duplicate]

I'm currently researching bat social calls (not echolocation calls) and have been given a series of samples (in .wav format) and wanted to know if what I can hear is actually the social calls. Below ...
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