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Can plants grow healthily being watered in either deionized or distilled water? [closed]

I want to use deionized/distilled water to water plants from some. I have the choice whether to use tap water, deionized water or distilled water that come from a closed system that has a water cycle, ...
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What is the minimum number of chemical elements required for life on earth? Does it vary between kingdoms?

As a non-biologist, I assume that there are certain elements that occur in all life forms as we know them. Examples might be carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and so forth. There are also elements that are ...
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Biochemistry - Plastic eating microbes at home [closed]

Is it possible for me to locate, without too much difficulty, and culture, at home, a bacteria (like yeast) on plastic? I tried a similar process with yeast and I was able to culture it on extremely ...
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Are there any solid inorganic compounds that are part of the human body?

I'm more interested in parts physically attached to the body, if that makes sense.
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What makes iodine an effective antiseptic?

I'm thinking about tincture of iodine, potassium iodide (Lugol's), and povidone-iodine (PVP-I) specifically, which, as is my understanding, work by solubilizing elemental iodine in an aqueous solution....
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Is it ok to keep primers at 4 degrees?

I reconstitute my primers in nuclease free water ( no sterilised) this morning and I forgot them at 4 degrees, acording to the instructions, they should be storage at -20 after the reconstitution. I ...
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How could this molecule affect the body? (Lysergic acid derivative)

First of all, could you please help me name this molecule? I think the name of it is something like this: N,N-pentamethylene lysergic acid. Secondly, my main question is what could be the pharmacology ...
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Can anyone expolain this? Cell culture vials have strange hair-like condensation patterns

What is the hair-like polymer that condenses on the caps of the plastic cell vial? Inside vial are cells in a mixture of FBS and DMSO. The vials were frozen slowly in a special isopropanol-filled ...
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Will charged water ions sprayed onto plants keep insects off?

I had stumbled on an article about a Dutch firm that devised an irrigation system that used mist of ionized water droplets that they claim keeps insects away from the plants. This break through would ...
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Calcium carbonate minerals in marine organisms shells

Calcium carbonate minerals exist in seawater in two main phases: calcite and aragonite. While calcite is the most stable phase, it is aragonite that precipitates first in seawater because of the high ...
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Can the dietary fibres as chemical compounds be regarded as polymers? [closed]

At the level of molecular structure, can the dietary fibres be regarded as polymers?
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How do you test soil for the nutrients present in it? [closed]

I recently noticed that my rose garden has been in a very terrible state. The roses keep dying. I tested the soil for its pH and that was fine. Now I'm wondering how would I carry out a test to see ...
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Avoid Blood lyse color remain in DNA extraction

I tryed several times to extract DNA from freezed blood sample whit Qiagene kit but it gave very small amount of product due to good purity then I try extract manually by using CTAB PVP method and ...
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How did the first life form on Earth reproduce without DNA?

How did the earliest life forms exist without DNA? The most likely scenario I can think of for life happening from nothing is that, over billions of years, with trillions of water molecules and dust ...
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Why would a venus fly traps mouth that's still "chewing" die?

A venus fly trap produces leaves that act like traps for insects. A trapped insect is digested over several days. The trap then opens again to catch another insect. These traps regularly die off. ...
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Question regarding an Escherichia coli reaction

With respect to this link Here the enzyme is mentioned and the two reacting compounds. Now , my question is 1. When these ...
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Why are there no organisms with metal body parts, like weapons, bones, and armour? (Or are there?)

Reading this question, Why are there no wheeled animals?, I wondered why no organisms seem to make use of the tensile and other strengths of metal, as we do in metal tools and constructions. I am ...
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How does inorganic phosphate inhibit alkaline phosphatase?

I want to know how is inorganic phosphate able to inhibit alkaline phosphatase.
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What is the molecular mechanism of cystine bond formation?

My bioinorganic and redox chemistry isn't up to par and I'm having a very difficult time understanding the chemical mechanism behind cystine bond formation. Most reactive environments are actually ...
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Why does cyanide inhibit CuZnSOD, but not MnSOD or FeSOD?

Different types of superoxide dismutase (SOD) contain different metal ions (Zn, Cu, Mn, Ni, or Fe), all of which allow them to catalyze one reaction, dismutation of superoxide anion, O2−. Cyanide can ...
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