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Does any brain-computer interface model draw on neural temporal codes?

I am studying brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) and neural encoding/decoding for a class. Most decoding algorithms that I have encountered for BCIs tackling movement problems seem to assume a neural ...
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Anticoagulation of black beans extract

How many ml of lithium heparin do I need to use on 2 ml blood to prevent coagulation for over 15 minutes? I am comparing it to the 4 different dosages of black turtle bean extract that has polyphenols ...
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Why does this study about genetic likelihood of COVID hospitalization not associate risk to base pairs?

In the study "Genetic mechanisms of critical illness in Covid-19", (free to download) the authors share their findings on which genomes seem to be associated with an increased likelihood of ...
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How is in-vitro fertilization technically achieved?

I failed searching on Google technical details about how in-vitro fertilization is achieved. I'm referring to the toolset and its use, rather than the chemical or biological aspects of the process. I ...
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Microscope Recommendations

I am a Engineering University student, in my last year of completion of my degree. I had interests in biochemistry and biology since I was a kid, and been learning about that side by side in my spare ...
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What happens with the nitrogen in blood in membrane oxygenators?

The air we breathe consists of about 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. The oxygen gets diffused into the blood and CO2 out of it, the nitrogen does mostly nothing, as there isn't a partial pressure of ...
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Using Transduction to reverse Antibiotic Resistance?

Is it possible to use reverse transduction to reverse antibiotic resistance. Since antibitiotic resistance is causee by transduction of the F factor, is it possible to induce a F+ non antibiotic ...
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Are there medical imaging devices to look inside artery? [duplicate]

Are there medical imaging devices to look inside artery? If yes, what is there sensitivity i.e. smallest object they can detect?
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Why is western blotting used to confirm positive ELISA HIV tests?

I know that when an ELISA test indicates a positive result for HIV, a western blot is done to confirm. When I search online for the reason why, all that I see is that western blotting is "more ...
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How to drop a grid of points in DICOM images of a CT scan (imageJ? Horos?)

I have a series of DICOM images from a CT scan of a bucket of rocks. I want to systematically measure the size of the interstitial spaces. The reason I'm doing this is to compare it to a simulation I'...
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Open database of medical images

Does anyone know of an open repository of medical images (e.g., CT scans) organized by disease category? I'm working on some computer vision software that requires a large set of controls from which ...
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Functions of the CFTR gene?

I am a senior in high school and I am studying cystic fibrosis. I don't quite get the function of the CFTR gene as this is my first time dealing with this type of heavy scientific info. I had ...
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How can I label cryotubes in a way that eliminates the problem of legible hand-writing?

My lab stores biological material (tissue, cells, plasma, serum) in a -130 C, liquid nitrogen freezer. The cryotubes that we use to store a samples are labelled by hand which frequently creates ...
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How does electrolarynx work?

I have heard that this is an effective replacement for patients who have a dysfunctional larynx, partly due to cancer. I am curious to know the inner working of this device and why such a robotic ...
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