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What percentage of Lithium compounds pass the blood brain boundary?

I've been doing some research on lithium. Lithium is used in psychiatry as a medicine for mania and bipolar. This is generally a high dosage of lithium carbonate, with around 300mg of elemental ...
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Common english name for tissues which are separated from the blood by blood-tissue barriers

Which general term is used to denote such organs/tissues as: brain, testis, thymus etc., which are separated from the blood by blood-tissue barriers?
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How some virus are able to reach the CNS?

I know that the lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) could provoke meningitis and encephalitis when this virus reaches the brain. However, there are other viruses like Varicella (VSV), ...
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What animals have a blood-brain barrier?

I am curious about how old the BBB is, in terms of evolution. Is it present in all vertebrates? or just mammals? or what?
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Why doesn't the rest of the body have something like the "blood-brain" barrier to protect itself from pathogens?

According to Wikipedia: "The blood–brain barrier acts very effectively to protect the brain from most pathogens". This is because the pathogens cannot pass through the tight junctions of the ...
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Which hormones can cross the blood brain barrier?

Can hormones such as testosterone, aldosterone and estrogen cross the blood brain barrier? I looked on Wikipedia and there no mention of it in the testosterone article. Through Googling around I also ...
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How do you design a drug to be delivered to the CNS?

I have just started reading up on structure-based methods for drug design (this is completely not my field so apologies for stupid questions that will be coming along!) Clearly, some drugs are ...
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