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Are antibodies removed before blood transfusion

I am an O blood group person meaning, I can donate my blood to all as I don't have any Antigen A and B. But my body does contain antibodies A and B right? If they were along with the donor blood, ...
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How are antibodies extracted from donor blood?

When blood is donated, the antibodies within it are extracted, but how exactly do they do it? How do they take out the antibodies within the blood, what process do they go through?
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How do you determine if donated, stored blood is viable?

Think about stored donated blood; What should we check before transfusing it to a patient, to see if blood is still viable? What methods to use? What components should it have in what levels, to be ...
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What is phenotyping of blood during transfusion process?

Thallaesemic patients are advised to have only "phenotypically matched blood".I mean the transfusion problems arise mainly due to "grouping problems" like mismatch b/w ABO & Rh+/- so what do this ...
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