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Can the metatranscriptomics replace the approach of functional metatranscriptomics/functional metagenomics?

While metatranscriptomics reveals information about the expression of genes and their functions too, Functional metatranscriptomics ( allows the ...
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Minimum amount of RNA for cDNA conversion and qPCR

I searched several protocols for reverse transcription of RNA and all suggest using RNA concentrations of 1ug. Could a lower amount result in inferior transcript representation and therefore decreased ...
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Complementary DNA synthesis

Does the reverse transcriptase enzyme recognize thymine to synthesize the complementary strand of cDNA?
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How would one go about isolating a specific mRNA out of a pool of others? [closed]

I'm writing an essay about DNA recombinant techniques where the question asks to outline all the steps to arrive at having a colony of bacteria expressing a gene of interest.The question makes you ...
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Function and Characterization of poly(T) and (AT)

I came across three terms; "poly(T)45", "poly(A)45" and "(AT)15". Can anyone explain what they are? I know the number refers to strand length, possibly poly-T is a strand of thymine monomers and that ...
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How is an RT-PCR representative of the RNA contents in a cell?

For example, we first collect all the RNA contents from a mammalian cell line. Say, for instance, we collect 80 uL of RNA with a concentration of 150 ng/uL. Next, to make cDNA, we take 1,000 ng of the ...
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Longest transcripts without isoforms

Does anyone know what genes produce the longest mRNAs? I am planning a project on synthetic introns and want to use stuffer fragments to vary intron size. Obviously they must not contain any splicing ...
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What is the typical amount of full length clones in a cDNA library?

For a Yeast Two Hybrid project we need to make a cDNA library from a single celled organism. We used the Cloneminer II kit from Thermo. We followed the manual and performed all the quality control ...
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de novo gene synthesis vs cDNA library creation from plant RNA: Pros & Cons

What are the relative pros & cons of the following two approaches when one wants to insert a known, sequenced plant gene into a target host organism: de novo gene synthesis vs plant matter ...
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Homework Question: Confused about figure related to cDNA and gDNA

what is the answer in blank? I think the loop structure for the top blank is an intron. I think RNA is the answer for the bottom blank, but it is cDNA, so it can't be RNA. I cannot figure out what ...
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What's a good simple test for cDNA library quality?

How do I assess the quality of a cDNA library? I want to clone CDS copies of genes from a library, but I don't know what's a typical expectation of getting a full length clone even for a shorter ...
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