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Questions tagged [cell-culture]

Cell culture is the process of growing and maintaining living cells in vitro.

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7 answers

Pipetting damage to cells

I'm curious how much damage is potentially inflicted by shear stress by pipetting. I know that syringes used for stem cell injection can cause a lot of damage. However, to what extent does this happen ...
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2 answers

How to convince suspension cells to adhere more tightly?

I'm developing a cell-based assay in 96-well plates that requires adherent cells, as they need to be washed at least twice during the protocol. I'm using in-house strains of HT1080 cells (some ...
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3 answers

Origin of term ‘confluency’ in cell culture

Since as long as I have been doing cell culture, the word confluency has been used to describe the percentage growth of cells or area covered by them. However, no dictionary that I have found uses ...
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Cells scatter light in solution. Do they refract?

For part of an exam question, "why do cells grown in liquid cause turbidity?" I answered that cells refract light. The correct answer was that cells scatter light. Isn't the light scattering ...
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