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Questions tagged [cell-sorting]

Questions relating to the separation of cells on the basis of physical properties.

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CD45 as a microglial marker in Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)

I am reading this article: Microglial cannabinoid receptor type 1 mediates social memory deficits in mice produced by adolescent THC exposure and 16p11.2 duplication. In Figure 1a, the authors are ...
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Is there a DNase that works at low temperature, and is it also commerically available?

In preparation for FACS, I need to keep mammalian neurons on ice (in PBS-- / BSA), but as they still die while waiting ~30 minutes, they release their DNA into the solution. This leads to cell clumps. ...
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Why am I finding peculiar B cell population when pbmcs are cultured for 3 days with CD40L?

While performing intracellular cytokine assay on B cells, I am finding a peculiar population. I use 2*10^6 cells for studying each functional marker. The pbmcs are cultured for 72 hours, with CD40L ...
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How are single cells sorted in an scRNA-Seq protocol by FACS?

I am computational guy trying to understand how FACS sorting works in an scRNA-Seq protocol. About sorting single cells in each well of a 384-well plate, I have a question that would be grateful if ...
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What is this thing found in my saliva?

Found in my saliva (Optical microscope 40x)
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Sorting beads with FACS

Does anyone know if it is possible to sort micro-beads, ideally magnetic, using FACS and if so what diameters can be sorted. I was thinking of using fluorescent beads that might help facilitate this ...
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Flow cytometry data Analysis [closed]

everyone. Since I am new in the flow cytometry technique, I am not really sure how to analyze the result. We use cell U-937 Lymphoblast.All Cells Could Anyone help to explain me this one? Thanks ...
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Staining cells for FACS at 4 degrees or ambient temperature

I'm sorting a 293 derived line. One thing that is worrisome for me is cell viability after the sort. Usually I have been staining and washing at room temperature (on the benchtop) on a nutator. I have ...
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Magnetic-activated cell sorting vs. FACS

When sorting cell populations it is possible to use either magnetic-activated cell sorting or fluorescence-activated cell-sorting (FACS). I am wondering when you would choose either technique and what ...
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How can I determine the purity of cells isolated from rat brains if I cannot use FACS, Immunohistochemistry or SEM anaysis?

Please help. I know how to isolate the different cells (astrocytes, other glial cells, neurons and synaptosomes) from brain tissue using a Ficoll-based separation but how do I determine the purity of ...
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Missing cells from immunopanning

Why do I not have any cells left in my positive panning plate after transferring from the negative panning plate during immunopanning? I am trying to purify retinal ganglion cells from postnatal rats ...
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What is immunopanning (vs. immunoprecipitation and FACS)?

I had never heard the term before today. From what I can tell, it's using antibodies to purify a cell population of interest. I would appreciate more details, especially in how it differs from "...
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