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Free diving physiological changes

When training for free diving, there are several physiological and psychological changes that enable this activity, however one of the changes that I do not understand is increased resistance to blood ...
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What is the area around a plant that is under its phytochemicals/secondary metabolites influence?

Is there a dilution threshold as a function of distance or some general measure regarding the area around a plant that is under the influence of its phytochemicals? I'm looking for a objective value ...
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Estimating diffusion constant of a protein based on number of amino acids

Is there a way to estimate the diffusion constant of a protein based on the number of amino acids it is comprised of. I know that the shape of the protein has an influence on the diffusion constant, ...
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How do DNA, enzymes, hormones etc. reach their proper cellular locations?

I was trying to understand DNA transcription from this chapter, and there seems to be no explanation on how exactly the proteins, enzymes and other molecules manage to find each other inside the cell. ...
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Why don't acacia trees prefer increasing tannin levels in their leaves rather than leaving them high?

According to this article, the Acacia tree has a chemical defence system which leads to the release of ethylene in the surroundings when a herbivore grazes on it. This leads to an increase in tannin ...
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Do humans secrete and detect pheremones?

Many animal species are capapble of secreting and also detecting pheremones from members of the same species, which relay messages and signals such as indicating sexual readiness. Do humans do the ...
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How many molecules are generally required for cell signallng processes for given cases?

I know its really a broad topic but I am interested in just few cases: Quorum sensing neurotransmitters for the communication of images/ general information hormones/pheromones I actually want to ...
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When and why did humans start disliking the way we naturally smell? [closed]

Like many animals, humans produce a myriad of scents from sweating, bacteria, possibly pheromones, etc. Many of these scents are used throughout the animal kingdom for mate choice, recognition of ...
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Can diseases be transmitted wirelessly? [closed]

According to the recent research about Electromagnetic Signals from Bacterial DNA (A. Widom, J. Swain, Y. N. Srivastava, S. Sivasubramanian) it seems there is a possibility of a "wireless" version of ...
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Stress regulation in mosquitoes

I was just trying to understand how in insects, specifically mosquitoes does the process of emergency responding, stress regulation take place? Or in simpler words how are flight, fright and fight ...
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Selective Androgen Receptor Agonist

I'm looking for an inducer that strongly activates the androgen receptor, but not the glucocorticoid receptor that is not DEA regulated. I know that SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are ...
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Could we transmit smells electronically?

We can encode sound and images in radio waves and send them, but presumably there's some physiological reason that we can't easily make a picture or video of a smell. Could we realistically break ...
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Free Radicals for aging

From my understanding free radicals play a slight role in ageing. In what ways are they so damaging, and can a restricted diet reduce production of free radicals?
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Single hormone opposite effects

Often, a smooth response to a hormone means that some processes must be sped up and others must be slowed down. How can a single hormone have opposite effects like this?
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