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Embryos of chickens (*Gallus gallus domesticus*) are often used in genetic experimentation and testing. To a lesser extent, adult chickens can be used as a laboratory animal.

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How does a chicken egg go from one cell to many [duplicate]

For humans, we have an egg cell, it gets fertilised, and then it splits into two cells of roughly equal size. Then four, then eight, then at some point it starts to form discs and complicated ...
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Exact meaning of the term "clutch"

When reading a Wikipedia article to do with chickens, I have come across the term "clutch", but I was not able to entirely figure out what this word means. I was wondering whether the term clutch can ...
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Can I breed the most productive hen by hatching eggs from the most productive ones?

Here is some hypothetical input: I have a set of eggs. I hatch these eggs and get chicken from them. Say, 100 hen that can lay eggs. I have a hypothetical technology to track some parameters of each ...
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How thick is the neural tube at Stage 10 in a chick embryo?

As the question states - I am really struggling to find ANY website/paper/article which states this. I want to know if the neural tube is still one cell thick and stage 10 of development. Any evidence ...
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"Air sac" and "air cell" in a chicken embryo

I need to translate the Russian term "воздушный мешок". It is part of the chicken embryo, marked by number 5 in the figure below. I found the expression air cell but also found the expression air ...
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Can a chicken really be hatched outside of the egg?

This YouTube video (screenshots attached) claims to show Japanese schoolchildren breaking an egg into a kind of clingfilm "hammock in a cup", and then growing and hatching a chick from it in an ...
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Why do chickens continuously lay unfertilized eggs?

As per subject: why do chickens continuously lay eggs even if they are not fertilized? Is this sort of behaviour found in other species of birds (or other egg-laying animals), or only in chickens? Is ...
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Is it painful for the hen to lay eggs?

My little son just asked me this question. His mother used to complain about the excruciating pain she suffered when she gave birth to him. He is a compassionate kid and wonders whether the hen goes ...
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Chickens roosting, is it sleep or torpor?

At night when they roost, do chickens experience a state of sleep (meaning do they move from NREM1 to NREM2, NREM3 and REM) or are they in a state of torpor (reduced metabolic rate and decreased ...
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Can a rotten egg actually hatches to a real life?

First of all, I'm no expert in biology. I failed a lot in high school. Please bear with it if it's a stupid question. For the past few days, I got a rotten smell as if an animal died in my kitchen. I ...
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How are chickens affected by light?

When I was young, I was told never to put a fluorescent light in a hen house because it continuously turns on and off. Extra lighting is used, as far as I know, to 'extend' a chicken's day. Human eyes ...
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Why are hard boiled eggs so homogeneous?

A eukaryotic animal cell is a complicated piece of biological machinery. Some major structures inside of the cell (see the image below) include: the nucleus, mitochondria, Golgi vesicles, and various ...
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Where can I upload non-human Genotype data?

I have genotype data from few chicken population and I want to (need to) upload them somewhere online with free access. I have searched the web but I haven't found any place for non-human genotype ...
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How do animals decide what to eat and what not?

I want to know this in particular about animals that no longer eat what they used to eat. The best example in my opinion are chickens. Chickens are often held to eat all kinds of food we would ...
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What are differences between formation of embryonic disc in chick and mammal embryo?

Exam question which got lowest average points in my university: 1/5 average. No markscheme available so my attempt below. I assume that embryonic disk prefers to germ disk such that Formation prefers ...
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Chicken Genome what are the LGE 'chromosomes'?

The chicken genome identifies two "LGE" sequences in the chicken genome. Are these distinct chromosomes or some highly variable sequence from the genome that is put in a separate sequence? I'm ...
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