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Resemblance of a child towards mother or father

Often we see that a child resembles more closely towards either the father's facial structure or the mother's facial structure. I want to know what determines this resemblance and is it possible to ...
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What is the known safety data on phenoxyethanol?

I came across this news article stating that a certain skincare product was declared by FDA to be unsafe for infants due to having chlorphenesin and phenoxyethanol. However, I have been unable to find ...
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Has there ever been a recorded incident of mule deer bucks raising fawns?

I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, there are two species of deer in CO, mule deer, and white-tailed deer. According to CPW: There are two species of deer ...
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How can children scream so loud and so long?

Recently I saw a small baby shrieking extremely loudly (my ears hurt) for at least 4 minutes . How is it possible? If I yelled so loudly, I would be defeated by throat ache after less than a minute. I ...
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Why are children more active than adults?

I have observed that children are usually more active than adults. For example, in the morning they get up and start playing, they have their lunch and get up and start running, while as adults they ...
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To what exten do children produce antibodies against covid-19?

Here in Sweden all kindergartens and schools up to the month of June the year people turn 16 remain open. In almost all other European country schools are closed. I do not really know why our schools ...
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What is the reason behind that children can cry but can't laugh?

I have a cousin who is almost 1 months old. As a normal child of her age, she cries a lot. But I noticed first that she doesn't laugh. So I noticed and found out that other children of her age also ...
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Does eating beans of a mother cause flatulence on babies?

Is it true that if you eat beans it could cause flatulence on babies (when breastfeeding them)? I can't find any research or scientific facts about that topic. I thought the body of the mother would ...
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Does mother feed information?

Does the mother feed information to the child in the fetus? If so, How is that done? IF not, How can the just born baby breath involuntarily if brain doesn't know it should generate impulses to ...
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What happened to pertussis incidence in the US between 1955 and 1974 and why?

The Wall Street Journal ran a great collection of infographics in 2015 superimposing the dates on which vaccination was introduced for various childhood diseases on their incidence: http://graphics....
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Is an adaptation against impact of fall a factor in babies' bones' structure?

Obviously, babies' bones need to be flexible to get through the pelvic bone. But is that the only reason? Could it be that as babies aren't able to maintain stability, they need bones less prone to ...
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Is there a biological urge to have children in women?

Searching information about this subject often leads to personal stories from women making the choice to live childfree and women stating they either always wanted to have children or experienced a ...
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Can a mother somehow positively affect fetus during pregnancy?

My mother keeps telling me that I like to study and have a predisposition to it because she was a student when she was pregnant. I highly doubt it, because I can't find any logic in these words. I ...
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Do young children grow in spurts

It is a commonplace of my friends and relatives to remark that a young child (younger than 3 years) has had a recent "growth spurt". The underlying assumption is that young children do not grow taller ...
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When did animals begin to "parent"?

After having a fun conversation with a friend regarding parenting, I actually had the general question arise in my mind of when did parenting actually start to take place? But, first, I think we need ...
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Do other young mammals turn their backs to their parent when upset?

I have noticed that upset toddlers turn their back to someone who wronged them and huff. Most adults don't do this, so I don't know how this could be a learned behaviour. Do other animals express this ...
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Are Young Girls Stronger than Young Boys?

According to "common wisdom" the average man has, as a proportion of his body weight, 50% more muscle mass than the average woman. This is in addition to how the average man is several inches taller ...
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Why do children prefer sweeter foods?

As we get older, we tend to lose our sweet tooth and become more tolerant to bitter foods, like vegetables. However, I never understood how this works. Why is it that children prefer sweeter foods, ...
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Nail polish toxicity studies?

Are there any well-founded studies that authoritatively demonstrate negative effects from the use of nail polish, particularly in children? I've been brought into the fray of a couple of folks who ...
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What leads to the different types of navels?

Obviously, there are "innies" and "outies" in the human belly button world. Both are the result of a knot tied in the umbilical cord just after birth. But why do some belly buttons become outies ...
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What happens to the umblical cord inside the mother?

After giving birth to a child, the umblical cord is cut (and stored if they want). The end connected to the child's navel will fell off eventually but what happens to the end inside the mother? Will ...
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Why sudden stresses cause stuttering and/or other impairs in children?

The question is simple: Why sudden stresses cause stuttering and/or other temporary or permanent impairs in children (and even adults)?
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