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What is the latest possible point during a pregnancy when a fetus can merge with another fetus?

Background A Chimera is an organism that is composed of two or more zygotes. There are several documented incidences of this happening in humans as shown in the cited link. Since chimeras primarily ...
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What exactly does the phrase "chimerical sharing" mean in this abstract?

The Gizmodo article Australian Siblings Are Semi-Identical Twins, Some of the Rarest Humans Ever links to the new paper in NEJM Molecular Support for Heterogonesis Resulting in Sesquizygotic Twinning ...
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complete DNA transfer across different organism zygotes

Consider we have a monkey zygote (i.e. single cell just fused) and a tiger zygote. If we extract the nucleus of monkey zygote and place it into tiger zygote where nucleus of tiger zygote is already ...
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Are different eye colors indicative of chimerism?

If an animal or person has different colored eyes, does that mean they are a chimera?
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How do genetic chimeras with different blood types not die?

If a person is a chimera and has two different blood types in his veins, how does he not die? Shouldn't the immune system attack one of the blood types? In 1953 a human chimera was reported in the ...
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chimeric sequences [closed]

I understand that chimeric sequence identification is done in results of sequencing projects to remove them and improve the quality of the output. I am unsure as to how they show up during sequencing. ...
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When do chimeras happen?

If one developing twin absorbs another, when does that happen? Is it possible for an appendage or organ to develop and be the only remaining vestige of an absorbed twin, such as a hand or a mouth, or ...
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How does plant grafting work?

Plant grafting is a process whereby a piece of one plant is inserted into another and results in a change of the original plant. For example, grafting a piece of a lemon tree into a bitter orange tree ...
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In a vertebrate chimera, are particular organs homogenous genetically?

I have read that a chimera is an organism with two or more sets of DNA, with every cell having one of the sets. Is it possible and common for the two or more sets to be present in the cells of a ...
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