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The field of biology that examines periodic phenomena in living organisms and their adaption to solar and lunar related rhythms.

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Sleep deprivation relation to growth rate and mental health in adolescence

Do sleep deprivation and its timing affect growth rate and mental health in adolescents? If so how much sleep is enough for teenagers?
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How were we able to determine the age of the first cell?

I heard in episode 20 of Youtube channel CrashCourse's biology series that every living organism descended from a single microorganism 3.8 billion years old. I'm astonished by that figure. Even though ...
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Is the birds' decision to fly away congenital or learned behaviour?

I see two possibilities how could the birds know what to do every fall: The birds' migrations are driven entirely by the vertical memetics and today it is just a custom transferred from parents to ...
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Why aren't circadian rhythms exactly 24 hours long?

Most organisms exhibit circadian rhythms that have a periodicity of about, but not exactly 24 hours. Why is this? And to what extent can variation in periodicity in circadian rhythms among the ...
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Is it true that some organs "sleep" at certain times of the day and does this affect dieting or when to take medicine?

Is it true that some organs (such as the liver or the intestines) are less active at certain times of the day, regardless of whether the individual is awake or not?
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What is the cause of singularity in phase response curve of human sleep and bright light?

I have no background in science as I am a computer programmer, but I am trying to get information on phase response curves, human sleep and exposure to bright light as I am trying to get to grips with ...
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Why is maintaining a circadian rhythm important?

What are the real consequences of never maintaining a circadian rhythm? How is circadian rhythm important for health and function? Where did it arise in evolution?
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Evolutionary origin and exogenous cues of ~28 day infradian rhythm?

The most obvious example of an approximately monthly biological cycle is the human menstrual cycle. My questions are the following: Is it known when and where this cycle or one like it arose? What ...
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