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Questions tagged [communication]

Behaviours that transfer information between organisms

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Are there solitary animals communicating with themselves?

I can imagine 3 different kinds of communication between individuals: Communication between individuals of the same species. Communication between an individual and another from a different species. ...
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When and How do pacemaker cells develop during the cell aggregation process of Dictyostelium discoideum?

I was reading a paper by Tang & Othmer about oscillations and waves in Dictyostelium discoideum. Under certain condition like starvation period in the life cycle of a Dictyostelium discoideum ...
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If dolphins can see sound, can they say images?

Dolphins determine their surroundings by listening to echoes. Can they mimic those echoes and communicate it to other dolphins, transmitting an "image"? Does the same go for all echolocators?
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Why does Helium make your voice change?

When we breathe in helium and then speak, our voice changes drastically. Does it happen only due to helium or can happen if we use other gas? What factors of the gas does our voice depend on (like ...
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What is the necessary criterion for the maintenance of signaling honesty?

Zahavi's (1975, Journal of Theoretical Biology) handicap principle held that the cost associated with a signal is integral to ensuring that signal is accurate, since dishonest signals would be too ...
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What are some good examples of phonotaxis in plants and other inanimate beings?

Reaction to the sound waves by plants is commonly unobserved. A physical movement or chemical release examples due to phonotaxis would be good to know about.
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Has kin selection enabled the evolution of interspecial communication?

I know animals often imitate specific behaviour (like when they show their teeth to evoke "danger!" in the reciever) as a form of communication. Although, for a fully-fledged language where we can ...
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How ants handle the huge "data" from multiple pheromone trails?

We know that every single ant produces pheromones to communicate and inform others. When there are millions of ants, how do they handle that many signals without getting confused?
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Could an animal have a developed Broca's area but no Wernicke's area?

Broca's area's function is for speech production, specifically, the control of muscular movement for speech, and Wernicke's area's function is the comprehend language or communication, Communication ...
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Do any non-human species have juveniles that cannot communicate with adults?

Human babies take 1+ years to begin learning how to speak (though sign language can be learned a bit earlier1). I know that cries, yells, and other non-linguistic sound are a simple form of ...
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