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Questions tagged [coot]

Questions pertaining to the graphics program used to develop macromolecular models from crystallography data

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How to fix outliers in Ramachandran plot using Coot

I have the following Ramachandran plot generated by Coot: Notice that it has high outliers content (red dots). I want to manually drag those red dots into some part of the region. Eventually, I ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How do you turn a minimal CIF description into a complete one?

I have a CIF file that I downloaded from the PDB, but if I try to use it in Coot, it complains that it is not a complete CIF definition. This page provides a batch script that I may be able to tease ...
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How do I change bond colors to something besides a different hue in Coot?

I can modify the colors of carbons in Coot under Edit, Bond Colours..., but that only gives me different hues. Is there a way to change the color to something less-saturated (or perhaps slightly ...
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