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Boost of Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine increasing Immune Response to Vector

I have been looking for published, or even pre-print, data that evaluates the serological response to a boost of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine against the adenoviral vector Ad26 rather than the ...
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Why do the COVID vaccines contain the cationic lipids they do?

Why did Moderna & Pfizer specifically pick their SM-102 and ALC-0315 cationic lipids with tertiary amines, branched tails, long linker chains, and small hydroxyl head groups? Are the large tails ...
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Do COVID-19 vaccines produce more spike protein than natural infection?

The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein has been shown to be harmful on its own. However, a news article quoted an "expert" as saying The spike protein components of the vaccine are not produced in ...
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Does stronger reaction to vaccine (fever, days of nausea) mean that an immune system would have reacted the same to the virus?

I have heard that the real danger of Covid-19 is the strong immune response. Is it more likely that a person's immune system would have reacted dangerously to the virus?
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How difficult is it to adapt an existing vaccine to a virus variant?

There is (at least in France) an ongoing discussion about the Astra-Zeneca vaccine which is perceived as "outdated" because of the prevalence of new variants (the vaccine was designed based ...
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Does COVID interfere with internal respiration?

Siddiqi et al. wrote in January 2021, Pulmonary ECs [= endothelial cells, in this paper] have an important role in immune surveillance, maintaining alveolar integrity and ensuring appropriate oxygen ...
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COVID-19 exposure risk from passing joggers versus walkers

What is the COVID exposure risk from passing close by someone who is jogging relative to passing close by someone who is walking? The reason I ask is with regard to going out for exercise, or to run ...
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If you catch COVID-19, do you need to be vaccinated after recovery?

When we catch a cold, influenza, or COVID-19, the body starts to produce antibodies against them, so the body becomes immune for a period of time. That means one should not catch them again whilst ...
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What's the difference between mRNA and inactive virus vaccine?

If the techniques used in both vaccines are similar and if both use the spike protein approach, then how is the mRNA vaccine more effective than the other ones and more importantly how come it is also ...
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Is the stuffy environment due to using masks all day, helping in spread corona virus in people?

I came across a research that stated, the most disease ridden place in a toilet is actually the air dryer. The hot and moist microcosm that develops around the dryer due to frequent use helps in ...
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