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Nerves that emerge directly from the brain.

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Do nerves grow out from within or in from the skin?

The Question: Do nerves grow out from within or in from the skin? Thoughts: My guess is outwards. However, I have a vague memory of a study involving frogs that I read about in a pop science book - ...
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Are parasympathetic nerves different from motor and sensory nerves?

So the nerves leaving the spinal cord are either motor or sensory (only?). But what about the cranial nerves? For example, the cranial nerve vagus is a parasympathetic nerve. Are parasympathetic ...
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What does it mean to say that the sympathetic nervous system is organized for diffuse activity?

"Sympathetic activities generally serve to mobilize the energy stores of the body, to increase the blood flow through certain regions (e.g., the heart) at the expense of other areas (e.g., the ...
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Im struggling to see how these are presynaptic terminals/knobs and not post synaptic

How are these presynaptic terminals ? The action potential is generated at the axon hillock and moves down the axon (in this case to the right) , then at the end of the axon should be axon terminals ...
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What are these two nerves running parallel to the spine called?

I was looking for a human body nervous system, and often times i found a picture like the one below, where there are two nerves running parallel to the spinal column. I searched for it, but nothing ...
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Do nerves work as I think they work and what does that mean for our senses?

Let me start off with a couple of metaphors. In the third Lord of the Rings film, a signal for help is sent from Minas Tirith to Gondor, using a chain of beacons. When the keepers of one of these ...
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Can acetylcholine leak away from the synapse and cause spasms?

I am currently studying Pharmacology and a question came to mind. We know that Acetylcholine is used as a neurotransmitter in the neuromuscular junction, both Sympathetic as Parasympathetic, but as I ...
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Is the cranial nerve blood supply encapsulated by the blood brain barrier?

I understand the origin of cranial nerves are within the blood brain barrier. I'm assuming as they extend distally there's a point at which their vasculature is not encapsulated by the blood brain ...
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What are cranial nerve nuclei?

I am having a really hard time trying to understand what cranial nerve nuclei are. I have been reading/watching videos and I keep hearing, "that is where the cranial nerves make connection with the ...
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A request for an overview of the cranial nerves

Is there any resource that contains motor and sensory innervations, or pathways of all the twelve cranial nerves (i.e., cranial nerve I to XII)? I have found this book chapter on the cranial nerves, ...
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What is the location of the Hypoglossal nerve?

I kind of know where the hypoglossal nerve is located when I look at the diagram, but I'd like to know how far is the nerve from the skin and where is the closest area to the skin before and right ...
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Names of nerves in hands, shins and face

I am looking for the names of the nerves in 3 specific locations of the human body: The nerve running along the "top" (opposite side of the palm) portion of the thumb, from knuckle to fingernail (see ...
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Cranial Nerve Decussation

I want to get my head round this once and for all so if you guys could help me would really appreciate it! I understand lesions to the optic nerve. It is the other nerves that I find difficult. So ...
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Disproportion in cranial nerve innervation?

The cranial nerve innervation is highly disproportionate, as far as humans are concerned. I am not sure of the advantage of being innervated by cranial nerve versus being innervated by a normal ...
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Reflexes & Pathologies including the Vagus Nerve

I only know the vasovagal reflex. I would really appreciate if someone could inform me about the other ones. About the pathologies, I already know the effects of direct nerve damage. I am talking ...
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Does the Parasympathetic Tract of Colon Sigmoideum Travel with Nervus Vagus and its Nucleus Dorsalis Nervi Vagi?

I have the following tractus now: nucleus parasymphaticus sacrales -> nervus splanchnic -> ganglion terminalis -> colon sigmoideum The tract is parasympathetic. It suggests me that it should ...
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How do fibers control muscles?

My professor says Nervus troclearis IV somatomotor fibers supply musculus obliquus superior. and similarly for nervus oculomotorius III Nervus oculomotorius postganglionic fibers supply ...
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