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What decomposes the decomposers?

Decomposers feed on dead organisms. What feeds on them? In particular: What decomposes mold? If fly larvae feed on animal dung, what eats their dung? Are all fungi eaten by animals? If not, what ...
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What do decomposers eat if they break down complex substances and make it available for producers?

I have a doubt for which I haven't found the exact answer. Decomposers break down complex substances into simpler substances and make it available for producers. But what does decomposers get (or eat) ...
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Why is decomposition process much slower for poisoned insects? [closed]

I have always noticed that the pest roaches killed by roach spray start to break down much more slowly than a roach that was stomped or attack by a lizard. In those cases the roach's body attracts ...
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How Does The Presence of Livestock on Land Increase Net Methane Production?

It's a hot topic, and I've just read this article that debunks the claim I'm about to make - But even though I read it, I still don't really understand it. I'm happy to change my opinion if I ...
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How long it takes medium size dog's corpse being decomposed?

I am not a Biology student or expert. Moved the post from Pets SE. Around a month ago, my 12 years old dog passed away. And I buried her in our front yard (mostly soil, 1 meter depth, wrapped in some ...
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Calculation of Respiration Fluxes in Terrestrial Ecosystems Based on Total Respiration (RT)

Overview Researchers have been studying a temperate grassland ecosystem with the view to understand it's current status with regard to carbon inputs and outputs and to identify whether the grassland ...
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What does the difference between GPP - NPP represent?

Overview Researchers have been studying a temperate grassland ecosystem with the view to understand it's current status with regard to carbon inputs and outputs and to identify whether the grassland ...
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What's the decomposition rate of a mammal at -20 Celsius? [closed]

Is there any where to predict it without thawing? In terms of measuring it. What if the body was immersed in sugar prior to freezing?
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Why is the skin of European bog bodies brown?

What causes this? Is it to do with decay or is it to do with substances within the bog dying the skin?
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Acid/basic chemicals that can be used without extraction hood?

I need to use some meat dissolvent for my thesis, I’m working in forensic anthropology, but in my university, we are not allowed to use those which might be extremely harmful (such as HF or HCl due to ...
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Rapid Decomposition Of Fruits & Vegetables During Hurricane

A very strange thing (To my mind) has just happened in my home. On the eve of Hurricane Irma, I purchased some food including cucumbers and grapes. I left them in my kitchen area overnight. When I ...
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Will "circus peanuts" biodegrade, and how?

I have a compost barrel, and it is currently staffed by black soldier fly larvae. They eat pretty much anything, which is very satisfying to observe. I put a handful of the candy known as "circus ...
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Worm compost cannot have cooked food

I live in the Netherlands and it is getting fashionable to compost with worms. After investigating a few websites I noticed that most websites suggested that I cannot feed the worms leftovers from ...
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Will meat rot in alcohol below freezing?

I understand that freezing slows decay but I'm wondering what will happen if meat is kept in below freezing temperatures while submerged in a liquid that has a lower freezing rate, like alchohol?
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Can rigor mortis change the anatomical position in which a person died?

I've been told as an undergrad in anthropology that the flexed position of the body in which some Neanderthal skeletons were found indicates that they were deliberately buried. Apart from the good ...
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Relationship between food decay and electric current

I am planning to do a little experiment on investigating the relationship between food (organic) decay and the electric current. I am going to place the food (ex.banana) on top of an aluminum foil, ...
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If a dead animal is electrified, will it decay?

I was walking past some power lines today, and a flying fox (like a small furry bat, for those who don't know Australian fauna) had grabbed onto two adjacent power lines, closing the circuit, and as ...
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What is responsible for soft rot of organic matter?

In soft foods, for example, why is there a limited amount of time before consumption is no longer safe due to soft rotting of material.
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Decomposition Rate of A Body In A Wet Environment [closed]

I have a photo of a decomposing dog which is in a water logged environment. My peers and I are debating how long that body has been decomposing. They are saying it is at least a year old. I however ...
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