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What elements are affected when dehydrated?

I know that the blood vessels constrict and there is a decrease in water in the blood. Are there any other elements that increase or decrease when the human body is dehydrated?
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How does the position of hydroxyl group in a nucleotide monomer affect the dehydration synthesis of nucleotides?

In dehydration synthesis of nucleotides, the hydrogen atom from the 3' carbon on the deoxyribose sugar of one nucleotide reacts with the hydroxyl group on the phosphate group of another nucleotide to ...
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Will renal blood flow decrease in response to dehydration?

If dehydrated, does the correction of ECF osmolarity happen slowly enough for ECF (and therefore plasma) volume to be temporarily depleted and therefore reduce renal blood flow? If dehydration is ...
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Immediate cause of death due to dehydration

When we don't drink we get dehydrated and after some time we die. What is the cause of death on the lowest level? I would assume the dielectric properties around/in the heart tissue get imbalanced ...
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Does having to urinate imply that you are becoming dehydrated?

This question came up after I read another question that coffee does not dehydrate you, but instead acts as a mild diuretic. Does having to pee imply dehydration? Allow me to elaborate: When you ...
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If targeting a certain daily water intake, do you have to compensate for beverages that promote diuresis?

Please forgive my ignorance on the topic and I hope this is a "on topic" question here. It was a toss up between this SE and Physical Fitness SE but I want a more scientific answer. I came at a ...
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How do I test if microbes have survived after dehydration?

I have a solution containing various bacteria and fungi. My aim is to place solution on filter paper, and wait until it dries. I then wish to test if the organisms have survived, either on the dried ...
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Do we need to drink less water in humid weather than in dry weather?

From my understanding, humid weather means that the air has a lot of water in it. Therefore, someone who lives in this kind of weather would be hydrating himself just by breathing. Does that mean ...
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What are the survival limitations of alcohol?

This question was inspired by watching one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies; particularly where Jack Sparrow allegedly survives on a desert island by finding an unlimited supply of rum. I've ...
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What is frank dehydration?

On Wikipedia article about Urine specific gravity we can read: A specific gravity greater than 1.035 is consistent with frank dehydration. What is frank dehydration? How it is different than ...
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Can you get enough water by eating only fish?

Scenario: In a boat in the middle of the sea, no freshwater or food stores, no desalination equipment, no rain, but you can catch fish and eat it raw. Can you get enough water this way to survive, let'...
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