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The physiological process of breaking down food into its constituent parts to provide nutrition for the body.

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Human Digestion of Cellulose?

Most animals can digest the cellulose in grass because of the anaerobic bacteria called Fibrobacter succinogenes living in their rumen (gut). The bacteria produces the enzyme cellulase and is ...
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Is there evidence to suggest that nutrients in vitamin capsules are not as readily absorbed as the same nutrients in whole foods?

I recently fell ill with a cold, and began to take a vitamin C capsule each day to help my immune system. When I noticed no change in my condition, I began to incorporate an abundance of citrus into ...
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Why are prions in animal diets not destroyed by the digestive system?

According to CBC: Mad cow disease is the common name for a condition known technically as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE. [...] The only known source of mad cow disease is from animal-...
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Would fewer cows mean less methane emission?

Rotting grass produces the same amount of methane as cows that digest grass (see this source). So if cows did not eat the grass, it would still emit methane. Therefore, if there were fewer cows, would ...
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Does freezing microorganisms such as probiotics kill them?

Does freezing microorganisms such as probiotics kill them? If not, what is the process that allows them to "come back to life" after the temperatures are increased? As an example, lets say you ...
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Why are triacylglycerols broken down before being absorbed?

So when dietary fats are in the small intestine, they are emulsified by bile salts in order for action by lipases to occur. Lipases degrade the triacylglycerols into monoacylglycerols, ...
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How do bile salts affect lipase activity?

BACKGROUND: It is well known that bile salts are needed for emulsification of fats. It is then said that this increases the surface area for activity of pancreatic lipase, implying that bile salts ...
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Digestion of milk in humans

The intial step in the digestion of milk in humans is carried out by which of the following enzymes? A) lipase. B) trypsin. C) rennin. D) pepsin. I'm confused between the C and D option. as it'...
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How does the human stomach handle a mix of digested and undigested food?

As I understand it, the stomach digests the bolus into chyme and then passes the latter on to the small intestine. This process takes between 40 minutes and a few hours. However, what happens when ...
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Is sugar absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the mouth?

If you let a piece of candy melt in your mouth, but did not swallow it, would the sugar be absorbed through the walls of your mouth?
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Which enzyme curdles milk in human infants? [duplicate]

Following, this question - Do humans produce rennin? Rennin does not exist. And What inactivates pepsin in infants? Rennin exist. What do I know is- Rennin is found in calves and acts on milk to ...
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