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Dopamine is a neuotransmitter which is secreted by dopamine-secreting neurons. It is released in the brain by nerve cells to send signals over the synaptic gap to other nerve cells.

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Validating Generative Models for 3D Conformations of Inactive Dopamine Receptors in Protein Design

Considering a dataset comprising 3D conformations of Dopamine receptors in an inactive state, we aim to train a generative model capable of capturing the distribution of these receptors and generating ...
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Does dopamine suppress serotonin production?

In a youtube video in spanish, I heard that dopamine suppress serotonin production. Is that true?
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How fast is dopamine released in the brain?

Dopamine is released when one anticipates a pleasurable event says "People with more sensitivity to ritalin rated higher ...
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How can I accurately determine how much someone likes a sound?

I was thinking about this question the other day. My first instinct was to evaluate the dopamine levels before and after listening to a tune. I proposed this to my friend in the medical field, and she ...
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Differentiating between hormones triggered on specific types of happiness?

Achievement:- Dopamine Applause:- Seratonin Discovering something new:-? Remembering something after a long time/struggle:-? Nostalgia:-? Lust ;-Testosterone/Estrogen Romantic Love:- Dopamine? ...
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How does the dopamine spike from drugs compare quantitatively to pleasurable non-drug activities?

I did find this popular press article that quotes a researcher offering the following quantification: "in lab experiments done on animals, sex causes dopamine levels to jump from 100 to 200 units, and ...
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Number of dopaminergic neurons in VTA

Do you know an authoritative source for the approximate number of dopaminergc cells in the ventral tegmental area (VTA)? Ideally I would like to know this for mice, rats, as well as humans, but one ...
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What is this type of diagram called and how to interpret?

I'm just starting a project on neuroscience for sixth form. I have had no teaching in this area so had to teach myself entirely. This is a "low-power image of a transverse section through the ...
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Why does excess dopamine activity in the pleasure centers results in less pleasure in schizophrenics?

According to the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia, there is an excess of dopamine in the mesolimbic pathway (nucleus accumbens), and this contributes to the positive symptoms of schizophrenia. I ...
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If I receive dopamine only from doing difficult things will I eventually enjoy them?

I've recently read a post from reddit about how dopamine affects our motivation. Author states: Dopamine is pleasure. Your brain craves more pleasure. You get too much pleasure and your brain adapts ...
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Does cocaine bind competitively or non competitively to DAT?

I was just wondering whether cocaine, once reaching a synapse, binds to a DAT (Dopamine transporter) competitively or non competitively, or neither of them?
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Trying to understand a scientific text about neurons and dopamine

I'm in the process of reading and I'm trying to understand how the predicting is done in the neuron. What I distilled so far: A cell gets an ...
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Can dopamine antagonists be used as dopamine upregulation?

Can dopamine antagonists such as Thorazine that are used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar be used to upregulate dopamine in the long term in healthy (non schizophrenic or bipolar) users to get a ...
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How long does it take for dopamine to reach normal levels after a significant drop?

The building block sequence for is: Phenylalanine << Tyrosine << L-Dopa << Dopamine. It’s produced in only a few, very specific regions: Substantia Nigra and the Ventral Tegmental ...
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Dopamine receptor count: Role and Measurement

Can the Dopamine (DA) receptor count take a significant drop over the course of life or does it stay constant? I read that low D2 (Dopamine receptor type 2) receptor count does not cause Parkinson's ...
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Why is dopamine or a dopamine-receptor agonist not pumped into the brain of Parkinson patients?

I am aware that dopamine cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, but can't it be pumped inside the cerebrospinal fluid via some permanent tube implant? Wouldn't Parkinson patients chose that over ...
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Dopamine and other neurotransmitter release during music listening

I'm looking for any studies that show a positive curve in respects to music sessions in humans and neurotransmitter release (specifically dopamine, epinephrine, and serotonin.) Any direct links would ...
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What is the difference between tonic and phasic firing?

I am reading about dopamine, and I have realized that dopaminergic neurons can fire phasically or tonically. What is the difference between these two modes of firing?
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Prenatal hyperkinetic dysfunction and its effect on endurace

Do people with an hyperkinetic dysfuntion have a better endurance? Are they fitter in cause of their Dopamine-overdose or any other reason? I have a case, where someone does not do any sports, but ...
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What happens to human dopaminergic reward system once a teenager becomes adult?

I've recently heard a podcast which explained teenage impulsivity and novelty seeking in part by "Lowering the baseline dopamine activity in the reward system" "Increase in dopaminergic reward in ...
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DAT1 dopamine and cocaine binding

I've searched the internet for several minutes and I've looked at DAT but I'm having trouble finding the DAT binding location. Where (and to which aa) does dopamine and cocaine bind to hDAT1?
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