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Preprocessing microarray data to detect increased male expression variance due to dosage compensation?

I am currently working with a dataset from a large microarray experiment where one of the aims is to look for evidence of the predicted doubling of variance in expression on the X chromosome in ...
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Degree of dosage compensation in Drosophila melanogaster

In this paper the authors state that the dosage compensation seen in Drosophila is approximately twofold, but they do not provide any source or numbers (as far as I can see) for this. What is the mean ...
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What effect does the Barr body have, in relation to female Turner syndrome?

Why do persons with Turner syndrome have developmental abnormalities, when normal XX-females do not, even though they only have 1 active X chromosome? From what I know, one X-chromosome is ...
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Imperfect dosage compensation

Dosage compensation is used to make up for different copy numbers of the major sex chromosomes in males and females (One X or Z chromosome in one and two in the other). Two main mechanisms of dosage ...
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