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Electroencephalography (EEG) is an electro-physiological monitoring method to record electrical activity of the brain

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How to measure tone of the cerebral cortex?

There is a lot of information about the "tone of the cerebral cortex". Some scientific papers describe that the tone could decrease or increase. However it's not clear how do they measure ...
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Are the transitions between the different brain frequencies states easy to see on an EEG?

Are the transitions between the different brain frequencies states: Gamma to Beta, Beta to Alpha, Theta to Delta, etc. easy to distinguish on an EEG? How quickly can the brain transition between any ...
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What is the significance of the amplitude of brain waves?

What does the amplitude of brain waves represent and to what neuronal activities is this amplitude related to? For example, in a hypothetical situation, the frequency of brain waves is kept the same, ...
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Origin of different brainwaves

I'm creating a project in which I can measure brainwaves (more or less like EEG). Since I'm not a medical student im having a problem finding the origin or most prominent regions for measurements of ...
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How much energy is in a human brain's electromagnetic activity?

Lately there has been an increased interest on about a realistic depiction of fictional creatures who would feed off thoughts and dreams, with some answers proposing feeding off the ...
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Relationship between action potentials and EEG recordings

It is possible that I am overthinking this but I have difficulties relating the neural activation to the amplitude and frequency of EEG recordings. For example; if at the EEG location P3/P4 we ...
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Alpha wave frequency variance in EEG of single subject over period of a few hours?

I have an Emotiv EPOC (EEG headset: 128 SPS, notch filter @60 Hz, felt saline contacts) I've been playing around with. Over the course of two or three hours using CCA to plot an SNR contour against ...
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