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Cuckoo interbreeding between those with different host species

Whilst there are many (~150) species of cuckoo, it sounds like in the UK there's only 1 (Cuculus canorus). However, this 1 species specialises depending on their host species/environment; e.g. their ...
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Do egg-whites dry as right-handed helices?

Do egg-whites dried at cool temperatures form mostly right-handed helices, and if so is there an explanation for this? Because there is so much (mostly crystal-related) research a quick search did not ...
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How does a turtle develop inside its egg?

This is related to Cause of premature death in turtle eggs, for those interested. I have noticed that Kinosternon spp. eggs have three layers: hard outer shell white opaque membrane (like the one you ...
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What causes the shape of the dense structure in this "giant squid egg" sac?

The YouTube video Swimming Next To Giant Squid Egg shows a giant egg of a squid and/or an egg of a giant squid. Text in the video's description includes the text quoted below, which indicates that the ...
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Effects of X-ray exposure on upcoming pregnancies

Recently we had a little fight with my girlfriend about the risks of genetic diseases for our potential baby. The thing is that she had her medical check recently and it included an X-ray examination ...
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Understanding certain limited biochemical impacts of egg yolk

I am researching the use of isolated egg yolk lecithin (EYL) in food preparation. I am interested in its ability to act as an emulsifier without having ancillary negative impacts. I am aware that some ...
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What species left these underwater eggs?

While inspecting some plants planted about 1.5 ft underwater in my pond, I noticed what appeared to be eggs on many of the plants. Note that the eggs are the white, oblong, opaque things. The clear ...
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DNA like marine animal or egg

What is the name of the marine egg or living being that is transparent like a jelly fish or a Venus girdle, with a shape like a DNA or better like a chain of infinites, long as half of a hand and ...
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Why some eggs are bile stained?

Why eggs of some helminths( Diphyllobothrium latum, Trichuris trichiura, Ascaris lumbricoides etc) are stained with bile while eggs of other helminths( Hymenolepis nana, Enterobius vermicularis etc.) ...
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How can a coldblooded animal make an egg hatch?

I have chickens at home, and yesterday while removing the eggs I felt that they were quite warm. This seems to make sense, because the chicken has been brooding on it in order to make it hatch. ...
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Is there lysozyme in cooked egg whites?

Egg whites are a phenomenal source of the antibacterial enzyme lysozyme. I was wondering if eggs are cooked, will they retain there lysozyme count? And will cooked lysozyme retain its antibacterial ...
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Egg mass on glass

mid-April, East Texas Can someone ID the egg mass deposited on our window? It's about the size of a fingerprint. I may have to try again with photo- thanks for forbearance Eggs are bright green, mass ...
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Evolution of multicellular eggs

Which animals where the first in which ova were not simply released, but instead provided with some additional nutrition and/or protection in the form of a larger egg?
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Can hand sanitizer kill a fertilized human egg cell?

If you took a human egg cell that was fertilized in vitro and sprayed some hand sanitizer on it would it die?
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